Community and mental health services for Solent NHS


August 2020

  • Colleague – Anne Bailey, Corporate Services

  • Manager -  Lain Robertson, FM & Estates, Facilities

  • Team - WCH HouseKeeping Team, FM & Estates, Facilities

  • Directors Choice - Ashley White, CGI Helpdesk Engineer


July 2020

  • Colleague – Joan Anderson, Adults Southampton

  • Manager -  Maggie Anstis, Adults Southampton

  • Team - Community Palliative team

  • Directors Choice Megan Head and Briony Redfern, Sexual Health Service




June 2020

  • Colleague – Anne Bailey, Corporate service

  • Manager -  Georgina Mayes, Child and Family Service

  • Team - The Bank Team, Corporate Service

  • Directors Choice - Linda Martin, Mental Health service




May 2020

  • Colleague – Zoe Bartlett , Mental Health Service

  • Manager -  Charmain Allen, Adult Services Southampton

  • Team - The Cleaning Team SMHCC, Estates



April 2020


  • Colleague – Michela Ferrucci, Dental Service line

  • Manager -  Jules Matthews, Dental Service line

  • Team - Portsmouth Central Locality community nursing, Adults Portsmouth


March 2020


  • Colleague – Gurveer Jaggee, Dental service line

  • Manager -  Mark Young, Estates and Facilities

  • Team - Occupational Health Admin Team, Corporate

February 2020


  • Colleague  – Megan Rogers, Corporate

  • Manager  -  Linda Corbin,  Adults Portsmouth service line

  • Team - WCH Catering Department, Estates and Facilities

January 2020

  • Colleague- Bernadette Redding, Southampton, Child and Family
  • Manager- Tracey Hobbs, Project Manager and Admin Professional Lead for Adults Portsmouth
  • Team of the Month- Health Advising Team, Sexual Health
  • Directors Choice- Hannah Yelling, Child and Family Service line


  • Colleague- Diana Simpson, Health Care Support Worker.
  • Manager- Gareth Davies, Physiotherapist.
  • Team of the Month- Recovery Hub Team.
  • Directors Choice- Linda Stead, Head of Service for Adults Portsmouth.


  • Colleague- Steve Scutchings, Site and Operations Manager Estates.
  • Manager- Glen Wale, Head of Information Systems.
  • Team of the Month- SystemOne Data Team.
  • Directors Choice- Nikki Whyte.


  • Colleague - Maria Oyegbile, Nurse. 
  • Manager- Rebeca Burgos, Occupational Therapist.
  • Team of the Month- North Hants Administration Support for Speech and Language.
  • Directors Choice- Helen Fricker , Physiotherapist.


  • Colleague - Elaine Knight, Health Visitor, Child and Family service East.
  • Manager - Mark Thomas, Software Accessibility Specialist, Highpoint.
  • Team of the Month- Special Care Dental, Hampshire wide.
  • Directors Choice - Miss Pippa Cheesman , Mr Mugundhan Thottiam and The Out of hours Team, Adults Portsmouth.


  • Colleague - Samantha Murduck, Occupational Therapist, St Marys, Portsmouth
  • Manager - Laurellie Hitchings , Locality Manager, Royal South Hants, Southampton
  • Team of the Month –Single Point of Access Team (SPA) , Child and Family Service, Adelaide Health Centre, Southampton
  • Directors Choice -The Sexual Health Team at the Royal South Hants and Katie Pitter, Medical Secretary from the Sexual Health Team. 



  • Colleague - Jessica Cramer, Palliative Care Support Worker, Western Community Hospital, Southampton.
  • Manager - Susan Chivers, Governance lead, Dental, Aldershot Health Centre.
  • Team of the Month –Community Neurology Services, Western Community Hospital and Portsmouth.
  • Directors Choice - Pharmacy Team based at St Mary’s Community Health Campus, Portsmouth.


  • Colleague – Joanna Candeias, Physiotherapist, RHS, Southampton
  • Manager – Carol Cove – Modern Matron RHS, Southampton
  • Team – Inpatient Therapy Wards, RSH, Southampton
    Directors Choice - Amber Barton, Community Staff Nurse, Westwood House, Southampton


  • Colleague – Sally Rumfitt, Community Nurse, St James Hospital. Portsmouth
  • Team – Snowdon Ward Team, Western Community Hospital, Southampton
  • Directors Choice - Kim Thorne, Quality Improvement Matron , SJH, Portsmouth. Hostess Team at the RSH, Southampton. Katy Rumbelow, physiotherapist, Western Community hospital, Southampton.



  • Colleague of the Month: Tsi-Tsi Mandiki, Ward Sister, Fanshawe Ward, Southampton
  • Manager of the Month: Deepa Rajkumar, Senior Physio, Southampton
  • Team of the Month: Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth
  • Directors' Choice: Karin Edwards, Health Care Support Worker


  • Colleague of the Month: Helen Currie, Community Matron, Palliative Care Support Services, Portsmouth
  • Manager of the Month: Anthea Thorpe, Team Lead, Community Diabetes and Phlebotomy, Southampton
  • Team of the Month: The Urgent Response Team, Southampton
  • Directors' Choice Award: The Central Case Management Team, Southampton.
  • Colleague of the Month: Kerry Godden, Health Care Support Worker
  • Manager of the Month: Monique Rosell Lead for the Tissue Viability Service
  • Team of the Month: Health Visiting Nursing Southampton Admin Team, Adelaide Health Centre
  • Directors' Choice Award: Healthy Living/Behavioural Change Team Southampton, Adele Wilton, Dave Southon


  • Colleague of the Month: Margaret Grimason, Health Care Support Worker, The Limes St James Hospital
  • Manager of the Month: Jayne Williams, SPA Service Manager, Royal South Hants Hospital
  • Team of the Month: Sexual Health Promotion Team, St Mary's Community Health Campus
  • Directors' Choice Award: Safeguarding Team



  • Colleague of the Month: Josh Kelly, Physiotherapist Technician, St James Hospital
  • Manager of the Month: Beverley ('Bev') Bayes, Community Matron, Portsmouth Civic Centre
  • Team of the Month: Palliative Care Team, Western Community Hospital
  • Directors' Choice Award: James Le Poidvin, Senior Physiotherapist; Sue Long, Catering and Facilities Manager and CAMHS West (Southampton)


  • Colleague of the Month: Cheryl Walsh, Speech and Language Therapy
  • Manager of the Month: Suzi Graves, Integrated Services Matron
  • Team of the Month: Distributions Medicines Management Team, Western Community Hospital
  • Directors' Choice Award: Lisa Dugan, Solent Dental Service


  • Colleague of the Month: Myrel Walker, Dental Nurse, Gosport War Memorial Hospital
  • Manager of the Month: Stuart Gemmell, Emotional First Aid Manager
  • Team of the month: Fanshawe Ward, Royal South Hants Hospital
  • Directors’ Choice Award: Michelle Carstairs, PA to Director of Finance; Michelle Wilson Sexual Health Advising Team and the Hawthorns and Orchards Team


  • Colleague of the Month: Anne Bailey, Bank Staffing Coordinator
  • Manager of the Month: Teresa Henry, Lead Nurse (The Orchards, St James Hospital)
  • Team of the month: Bank Staffing Service (Highpoint)
  • Directors’ Choice Award: Sian Noy, Mental Health Practitioner; Louise Jones, Integrated Service Matron and The Orchards Administration Team


  • Colleague of the Month: Amy Cresswell, Medicines Management Technician
  • Manager of the Month: Sarah Haines, Dental Manager
  • Team(s) of the Month: School Nursing Team(s) – Southampton and Portsmouth: Cedar, Rosewood and Mayrose schools
  • Directors’ Choice Award: Kathryn Watson, Professional Lead;Sarah Garratt, Rapid Response Team and Maples Ward (The Orchards) 


  • Colleague of the Month: Jim Turley, MIS Dashboard Manager
  • Manager of the Month: Cheryl Sullivan, Modern Matron
  • Team of the Month: PRRT (Portsmouth Rehab and Reablement Team)
  • Director's Choice Award: Pamela Bailey, Senior Physiotherapist and Will Dunkason, Community Learning Disability Nurse