Community and mental health services for Solent NHS


October 2021

Colleague - Rachel Bridge, Aldershot, Special Care Dental Service

Manager - Steve Farrow, Corporate Services

Team - Solent Rotational Admin team, Physio Service, Portsmouth

Directors Choice - Dr Sarah Loch, Royal South Hants, Sexual Health



September 2021

Colleague - (We are waiting for a response from this winner)

Manager - (We are waiting for a response from this winner) 

Team - Riverside Vaccination Team, Isle of Wight

Directors Choice - Shirley Connor, Sexual Health



August 2021

Colleague - Gemma Pack, Oakley Road Vaccination Centre

Manager - Heather Lovelock, Patient Experience Manager, Primary Care

Team - Oakley Road Vaccine Centre

Directors Choice - Saleha Quadri, Corporate

Directors Choice - Anna Murray, Sexual Health IOW



July 2021

Colleague - Penny Caplen, Dental Service

Manager - Debbie Ludlum, Sexual Health Service

Team - Patient Systems / Smartcard Support Team

Directors Choice - Members of the below team that supported with an incident on Hawthorn ward. Senior Nurses  and HCAs on Hawthorn Ward, Compliance team, Estates and Security.



June 2021

Colleague - Dr Christine Laidlaw, Vaccination Programme Volunteer

Manager - Janine Gladwell, Performance Liaison Manager Corporate

Team - Portsmouth Community Assessment Team (PCAT), Adult Services Portsmouth

Directors' Choice - Emma Wells, Locality Lead Nurse Sexual Health Service


May 2021

Colleague - Norma Quirke, Dental Service

Manager - Caroline Short, Dental Business Support Manager

Team - Covid Vaccination Booking Team, Corporate Services

Directors' Choice - Debbie BlochSpecialist Speech and Language Therapist



April 2021

Colleague - Rujeko Mada, Dental Service

Manager - Carol Cove, Ward Matron, Adults Southampton

Team - Hamble House Vaccination team

Directors' Choice - Ophelia Matthias, Corporate