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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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To assist you in making a nomination please consider writing about the following points.

Does the individual or team:

  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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 I rung Norma in floods of tears with my anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. I couldn't stand the thought of it, even booking an appointment triggered a panic attack. Norma was nothing but patient, she talked through each step of how to help myself and get the ball rolling with referals and having the ability to fix my teeth. She was kind, caring and so so considerate and did nothing but help. When Norma started to realise I was vocally upset, she didn't judge me, she sat and listened. Norma helped me created solutions to the many problems surrounding the dentist. She really is a life saver and she is an absolute angel.

A patient or service user


Nomination 2: A very worthy Colleague always helpful.

The Recovery Team Managers want to nominate Kevin Borrett as we appreciate his supportive and genuine manner and aptitude for problem solving in a proactive way in which can be a difficult role.

We find this support and guidance inviable for us as the team managers and he shows us a great deal of understanding of our role’s and what the challenges and conflicts are, and he is always supportive and has many a wise word.
I think if it weren’t for his guidance and supporting our role would be more stressful then it would need to be, and we really appreciate his time.


I think the pandemic has really pulled together a lot of teams that wouldn’t have necessarily worked that closely prior to the pandemic.

I think alongside many others, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of the Estates and Site Operations Teams and the massive role they play in getting things done – and often against very tight timeframes! I would like to nominate Steve, who has been a total star, going above and beyond at pretty much every occasion we’ve had to ask for his assistance. He’s a real problem solver and nothing seems too much trouble. I genuinely don’t think we’d get half as much done in the timeframes we do if it wasn’t for key members of Team Solent like Steve.
Steve fully represents the Trusts Heart values, and is always accountable of the situation, respectful when dealing with stressful or time-sensitive situations and is a total Team player. Thanks Steve!

Nomination 2: I have worked with Steve on a number or projects. He is committed, responsive and effective approach has played a vital role in the success of those projects. Steve has a brilliant knowledge of the Estate and how to help meet and improve the requirements of the services.

Nomination 3: Steve has done a remarkable job managing the Vaccination Centre Mobilisation. Throughout this time is dedication has been an inspiration.

Nomination 4: Working round the clock to support all the Hub Services to provide equipment and signage, arrange all issues that is within Estate Premises.


Dr Hutchings is a very considerate colleague and will do the best for patients.


Joe is someone who always goes above and beyond in his role. He supports the Hawthorns team unwaveringly, both colleagues and patients. Joe has supported many new colleagues recently, and has made everyone feel welcome with his warm and approachable manner. He is a great asset to our team.



Always helpful to other staff knowledgeable and able to work under stressful situations supporting the whole team on Snowdon ward. kind and caring to others.

Sue has been incredibly helpful and supportive to me since I started but also to every member of staff and the patients. She deals with many different tasks and queries, a lot of these being ad-hoc and is very well loved on the ward by all the staff. What has been very apparent to me is that circumstances have changed since covid and what was a quick task of booking transport, has turned into a very long-winded process with a lot of clinical questions that she may not know the answers to but she manages to do this with no problems, like water off a ducks back. Sue just smiles and gets on with the task in hand and does the job to the best of her ability, which is not always easy in a very busy and sometimes stressful ward. I want Sue to know how amazing she is and what a real asset she is to the team. Without her, we could not do our jobs. Thank you Sue!

Nomination 2: Sue goes above & beyond everything she does. Nothing is too much trouble she is caring compassionate understanding great with patients & relatives.

Nomination 3: Sue is valued on the ward for all her hard work and helping us continuously. She deserves to be nominated.

Nomination 4: Sue is very helpful member of staff and under lots of pressure.


Caroline is an amazing caring thoughtful selfless human. She is an incredibly supporting ward manager who puts the needs of others before herself. She loves getting the chance to work and give personal care. She is excellent with the patients and absolutely deserves an award.

Helen is one of the most hard-working people that I have ever met. She goes above and beyond for her staff as well as patients - and this should be recognised. Through the hard times this past year, Helen has been the leading manager of the Vaccination Bookings Team, booking in thousands of people, working all sorts of hours to get the job done, and she has done a WONDERFUL job of it! She should be proud and she needs to know how great she really is.



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