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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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As a new member of the Solent family Janice has quickly shown exceptional leadership in the newly formed Isle of Wight Vaccination Centre team. As a nurse she clearly lives, practices and models each of the Heart values. Whether this is through supporting community vaccinators to learn safe and effective skills, by working alongside the shift leads and clinical leads and encouraging their professional development or through ensuring the highest standards of service delivery throughout the Vaccination Centre. She is warm-hearted, open minded and generous in her time and effort to the whole team and to the public. The challenge of drawing together a diverse group of individuals in a short space of time and delivering excellent care has been met through Janice's substantial nursing experience and personal attributes.


Outstanding commitment to patients and staff Upkeep of solent HEART values!

Nomination 2: Running two teams during the covid situation and on the ward, above and beyond and also end of the phone or email. Not just for patients care and support but also checking on colleagues she is a star but even theses words cant express how valid she is with our team.

Marie was redeployed to provide support to the Inpatient Services during the last pandemic response wave. Marie stepped in to help support and lead the business support team. In her role Marie has provided instrumental support to the development of both the staff and the culture of the team. Facilitation of shared best practice across our units as well as introduction of new ways of working have made the day to day working so much easier, as well as a much longer list of achievements.
In all of this, against some challenging times and situation Marie has ensured everyone is included in changes, leading them all from a place of real compassion. Marie’s calm and nurturing approach has really enabled everyone to grow and as a team address the challenges head on. This would have all been so much harder without Marie and we are extremely grateful for all her hard work.


Ophelia does amazing work both inside and outside of Solent, and she has made incredible strides with our communities. She as an incredible team player and leader, and always has a smile on her face. Her kindness and compassion are clear from your first meeting, and her excitement for each project she undertakes is contagious. I cannot thank Ophelia enough for the help and support she has given me and our community; thank you so much!

Jo has been an asset to the Community admin team, she has stepped up to manage the team and continued to cover all work within her old supervisor role. Nothing ever phases Jo, she has supported her staff throughout the pandemic and ensured that patients are put first throughout. Thank you for all your hard work Jo, you more than deserve the recognition for this.

Nomination 2: She has really been thrown in the deep end in her role as Admin Supervisor, during some very difficult times for everyone during Covid. She manages her staff with care and respect, always has the time and consideration with individuals in our team to make sure everyone is happy and generally ok. I think she is definitely the best manager we have had for a long time.

 Nomination 3: Jo always keeps us up to date with everything we need to know regarding colleagues and important updates re the Service or physical surroundings. She makes us all feel like part of the team. She is kind and helpful if we have a work related or even personal problem for which we may need to take leave at short notice. She has streamlined many of our working practices, an example the way we book and record leave so that it's all in one place, these changes have brought the Admin Team together better.


Chantelle has not been on Hawthorns for long but already she has made such a big difference to the team. She isn't just an amazing, competent and caring nurse but brought with her heaps of enthusiasm and motivation to change things for the better for patients and staff. She has already made such a big difference to the team and team morale. Thank you for all you do!



I am nominating katie because she is an absolute star to have in our team. she goes above and beyond for the patients and also her staff. Nothing is ever to much hassle for her she is amazing team player and a absolute pleasure to work with.

Nomination 2: I am nominating Katie because nothing is ever to much to ask she goes above and beyond for the patients and is amazing and a pleasure to have in our team.

Sheila is fantastic! She works long hours, totally dedicated to her work. Very caring and considerate to patients. Sheila is also a great support to staff and patients alike! She has always remained upbeat and cheerful even during the hard times with covid and long hours.



Camilla has stepped up in her role and supported the entire ward. Camilla continues to remain positive, kind, gentle and overall approachable. No task is ever to big for Camilla and she is a true asset to the team. Camilla has been a true leader over the past few months and speaking on behalf of the team, we all cannot thank her enough.



Carly has been a resilient leader and has supported the whole team to think about their mental health and wellbeing. She is a wonderful role model and I know she spends her time very thoughtfully helping and guiding staff. She has been a rock for Eastwood Community Nursing team and I have witnessed how she strives to get things right for the team.

Rujeko joined the trust amid the pandemic and has brought with her excellent clinical skills and a pro-active, can-do attitude. Rujeko is passionate about patient care, quality of life and dignity and has led on a project to provide inpatients with individualised toiletries, based on individual needs. Rujeko has worked with volunteers and colleagues to make positive changes to the experience of our patients at one of the most challenges moments of their lives.

Nomination 2: Rujeko has clearly demonstrated our HEART values and culture in her work. Her passion towards improving patient experience shines through with the project she led on - providing personalised individual toiletries. All of this occurred during the difficult time of the pandemic.

Nomination 3: Rujekos work clearly demonstrates the everyone counts value. She is an amazing advocate and practitioner for patients, colleagues and volunteers.

Nomination 4: I would like to nominate Rujeko for this award. Rujeko has been a fantastic role model in her work and role as an OT Assistant. She is a visible witness to all our Trust values. She shows total inclusivity and respect for all our patients' needs in a truly holistic way, this has included making sure our patients' spiritual, faith and cultural needs are met. She has been an amazing role model in being open and honest in her professional relationships with our patients, being able to liaise with team members including myself, to ensure we as a Trust are more aware of our patients' and staff needs for pastoral care and support. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!


Caroline is one of the best people I know. She is so welcoming, supportive, trustworthy and real. What you see is what you get, which I believe is a top and extremely important characteristic to have, especially when not only managing a ward and all the trials & tribulations that come with that, but also fairly managing her staff, especially through this pandemic which has been an extremely trying time for us all. She will never not help anyone, is so amazing with the patients when she has a chance to have a clinical day but she will listen fairly to all we have to say. Thank you Caroline for being a wonderful colleague and friend.

This last year has been very challenging for all of us in many ways. During such times Carol has been an amazing manager always going that extra mile in making sure her staff are happy and supported. She always takes time in understanding her staff personally and motivates us to achieve our best. She is always available both as a manager and as a well wisher for her team. She leads by example.



Our admin team are our forgotten heroes. Throughout the last year Allison has led and inspired her team to continue to provide outstanding support to our clinical teams in order that clinicians are released to care for patients. This indirectly means improving our patient journey and experience. Allison is also instrumental in collecting all our Governance data and information and presenting it for all our senior managers to reflect and develop an action plan from. Last month every single member of Allison's team completed the monthly staff well-being survey and they score 9 out of 10 for well-being. Comments included were - always feel supported and love my job !. I think this demonstrates living the HEART values and going above and beyond for her team.



The ESD team have worked extremely hard throughout the past year (and always!!) adapting to operating differently, working shifts, expanding criteria and becoming the Neuro Crisis Response Service to allow people to safely leave hospital or avoid admission even more than usual, whilst still getting as much rehab as possible. The team have worked brilliantly and tirelessly to support each other, the teams we work with, and of course the patients. Patients have been kept safe at home in often very challenging circumstances, and each and every member of the team have gone above and beyond to make this happen. What an amazing team!!



I have had the privilege of being part of the ICT team for nearly 2 years and to this day I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of such an incredible team. At the beginning of the pandemic and still up to this present day, I have witnessed this team roll up their sleeves and do whatever needed to be done to support service lines in continuing to provide excellent care to our service users. The team have gone above and beyond the call of duty, this includes working long days and sometimes into the night to ensure any work taking place does not affect the staff in their daily working lives. If this is not impressive enough, whilst dealing with the pandemic and continuing with new projects and supporting services, this team looks out for each other in a way I have never known before. I feel proud to be part of this team and the incredible journey we are on.



The team are doing an amazing job. Nurses, AHPs, support workers and volunteers are working together to provide a seamless service for the community. It is a wonderful team to be a part of!



I would like to nominate the Family Nurses in my team. They work above and beyond to build a positive rapport with our young parents to work effectively and achieve the best outcomes for them and their children. (Respectful and Everyone Counts) They have continued to offer an excellent service face to face throughout the Covid19 pandemic and maintained excellent levels of engagement. This included 'walk and talk' contacts and it's positive impact has been noted and appreciated by other services such as Young People's Housing. They have also demonstrated tenacity in communicating with other services and raising risks. (Honesty and Accountable). Nurses names: Lita Flood Lisa Caig Sharon O'Shea Samantha Parkinson Jenny Bunce Lianda Bennett



Honesty: The Health Visiting Service has had the most difficult year I have known in the 13 years I have worked within public health. The Service is feeling incredibly challenged with capacity and demand issues. Health Visitors have been very brave, honest and open about the work that they have not been able to achieve. The Managers have been very supportive of the staff, encouraging a culture of no blame.

Everyone Count: The Health Visiting Service work tirelessly to ensure that every baby has the best start in life. The teams are very supportive and inclusive of each other to meet the needs of children and families. Health Visitors articulate the voice the child incredibly well to ensure they are safeguarded.

Accountable: The Health Visiting Service has demonstrated much strength over the last year - during the peak of the pandemic making sure that babies and children are still seen face to face. Other trusts in the UK had stopped all face to face contact but the Southampton Health Visiting Service held the accountability to ensure babies were seen face to face in a clinic and their home environment. Over 99% of the babies born had been seen face to face by the Health Visiting Service during the peak of the pandemic. This was an incredible achievement and one that I feel immensely proud of.

Respectful:The Health Visiting Service has ensured high levels of care and compassion to families. The pandemic has seen a rise in social isolation, mental health problems and domestic abuse amongst our families. The Health Visiting Service has provided a vital safety net and life line to children and families during these unprecedented times.

Teamwork: The Health Visiting Service has collaborated together to carefully plan how they can meet the needs of babies, children and families. Staff who have needed to shield in the last year have been well cared for by their peers and managers and work was carefully redistributed so staff who were shielding could complete the digital contacts and those who did not need to shield were able to complete face to face contacts. This has enabled babies to be seen face to face which has been critical to safeguarding their health and wellbeing.




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