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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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She is full of energy and a real positive person, she made me feel so welcome when I first started at Crown Heights, she is a pleasure to know and to work with!


Nomination 2:  Selena is always on hand to help every colleague .
She has a wealth of knowledge and information, she is caring and shows compassion to patients and staff alike and puts everyone at ease.She brings laughter to the workplace and is full of support for all.
She is also my personal I.T support but most of all she is a wonderful friend and colleague. Good luck Super Selena x

Adam was patient, helpful and had a sense of humour, I didn't once feel rushed or stupid. he did all he could to help and sorted out what the problem was and I ended up with the resolution and outcome I needed.

I felt he put himself in my shoes and ensured I therefore had a positive experience.Thank you, so much.
This is the 2nd time our paths have crossed and both times he has been excellent.



Claire is an example of “no obstacle is to big “ kind of person. Hard working, relentless, professional, very kind and involved to help others, fantastic colleague with a contagious laugh, she supports the GA team and she is the person behind the curtain who sorts out every little detail so the patient’s journey is as smooth as possible. Hat off to this lovely lady who is an example for myself and I am sure for the rest of our hard working team.


Nomination 2: Claire always goes above and beyond for the trust and colleagues, she constantly displays her teamwork heart values by supporting colleagues and has recently taken on extra responsibilities and has risen to the challenge without fuss. She is a pleasure to work with.


I suffered very bad and long term side effects from my first COVID vaccine. Despite how busy the centre was, Chris took the time to listen to my symptoms and concerns and referred me to the practice nurse for advice. Following a consultation with my Doctor, Chris then guided me every step of the way. Without Chris I would not have had my second vaccination.


I am: A patient or service user


Sophie is kind, caring and a very thoughtful person, who is always generous with her time for you and whenever you seek her counsel will always share her wealth of knowledge and experience with you as well as providing you with her honest view.

She is always very driven and passionate to make positive changes in everything she does and always seeking ways in which she can improve the service her teams delivers.
Sophie works tirelessly in her role, always going over and above what is expected of her yet at the same time nothing is ever to much for her.
She is totally dedicated in her role and to help others and the HEART value shine through in everything she does and it is a total privilege to work with.


Felicity is one of those rare people who is both a consummate professional yet has the human touch with both colleagues and patients, and is a joy to work alongside with. She values and is supportive of colleagues and engenders team spirit.



I would like to nominate Rebecca for a Solent award. Rebecca joined us as MPP Supervisor in November of last year and since then has proved to be such a wonderful asset to the team. She is always ready to help and has stepped in on many occasions when the department has needed it, helping out with teams other than her own. Rebecca is always cheerful and nothing is ever too much trouble. She has definitely made a difference and is a true example of the heart value of teamwork.


 Shirley is everything you could hope for in a nurse and colleague. Her positivity is endless and since the first few days of the pandemic she has demonstrated all that our Solent HEART values exist for and more.

She has not only willingly redeployed twice during the pandemic but has done so with enthusiasm and encouragement to all our team. She has had to work in locations over an hours drive from her home, 5 days a week without any complaint. She has thrown herself in helping patients and her colleagues in any way she can and truly inspired those who know her.

The highest standard of care and concern for her patients is at the heart of all she does. She is easily puts her patients at ease and is diligent in ensuring they are looked after in the safest way possible.
I wish Shirley knew how much she is admired and the impact she has had in inspiring her colleagues and all who meet her.

Nomination 2; Shirley has been an inspiration to me, since I joined Solent NHS in March 2021. She is such an incredible role model. She works tirelessly to ensure our patients get the care and support they deserve. We have been short staffed and at times, it has been just Shirley and I in clinic. She is such a team player, supporting me and the rest of the team through some really challenging times. She is so dependable and puts herself out to help all her colleagues. She worked all through the pandemic, at times, having to make the difficult decision of leaving her family to support the vulnerable patients, needing her care at a time of crisis. I have not known such a selfless person. I am immensely grateful to have had her by my side as I learnt the job. I wish her every success with this nomination. She deserves the recognition.

Nomination 3: She is always so helpful and kind.

4: Shirley is an absolute delight to work with. Not only has she put herself forward for redeployment twice in the last 18 months as previously said but she is also the IPC link Nurse for our area and carries out this role with the most diligence and thoughtfulness that I have ever seen, always responding quickly to any questions that arise and seeing things through. I feel that I am a better healthcare professional because of Shirley, she brings out the best in me when I work with her and I always feel motivated and happy to go to work when I am rostered to work alongside her.

5: Goes beyond expectation. Very kind and considerate with patients who are worried or upset. Wonderful line manager. Always willing to listen. Helps other clinics whenever possible. Nothing is too much trouble. Great infection control lead, I work with her as a link advisor. Kind, compassionate and funny! Great team player.



Elizabeth Anderson is the Health Roster Coordinator for Highpoint. Her knowledge of the Health Roster is unparalleled. She seems to be a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to the Health Roster, and she loves sharing her knowledge with the wider teams within Solent. She lives and breathes the Solent NHS values and makes all those that have the pleasure to work with her feel welcomed and supported, empowering you to achieve great things. Elizabeth is genuinely passionate and cares about the NHS service and this comes strongly when in discussions with her. She really is a lovely human being to work alongside and deserves recognition for hard work.



Theresa took a phone call from a patient in crisis, Theresa spent over forty minutes on the phone with this patient, who was showing signs of being suicidal, Theresa has no experience or training on how to deal with patients in crisis, however she managed to show compassion and care, She ensured that the patient understood that we as a service were patient centred and cared about his well being, she ensured the patients integrity was maintained, she was extremely compassionate and by the end of the call the patient was in a much better place.



An experienced and hard working nurse, supportive and always ready to help. Kwadwo has gone out of his way so many times to ensure we get our schedule on time, changes our request when approved on time and there seems to be no bother to him. He has a kind and nurturing spirit towards newly recruited staff and supports everyone at their point of need. A great assert to Maples and the Orchards.

Hawthorns Team make you feel really supported, they work well together, eat together, laugh and this helps difficult shifts becomes bearable.



Laura George is not just a great manager and leader, but an influencer, living and breathing the Solent NHS Values.
Since joining Laura's team I have always been encouraged to be my own person, to speak up, and to challenge the status quo. She empowers staff to take charge of their careers. She is a coach and a mentor who is both honest and transparent and is someone you can truly be yourself with when working with her. Most critically, her sociable and down-to-earth nature, without the slightest hint of an ego, despite her amazing career success, and has made my first job with the NHS not only rewarding but highly enjoyable (and memorable). Thank you Laura for being such a fantastic manager and someone I have come to admire.



She always gives 100% and a lot of care and passion from when patients first come on to the ward until the are discharged. She always has a smile and a positive attitude nothing us to much for her. As i am volunteer on Snowdon Ward we all work as a team and she always support staff. And I think Caroline would be  really worthy of this award.

Caroline Richardson when she was a ward manager on Snowdon Ward at the Western Community Hospital, she always gives 100% and a lot of care and passion from when patients first come on to the ward until the are discharged. She always has a smile and a positive attitude nothing us to much for her. As i am volunteer on Snowdon Ward we all work as a team and she always supports staff. And I think Caroline would be a  really worthwhile recipient of this award.


Jess is a warm hearted, encourager and ready to listen Manager. She has encouraged me to improve myself professionally and continues to support me when l need an ear to listen. Her calm nature makes us feel at ease as a team. Well done Jess, your leadership keeps us motivated and hard working!


Michelle deserves some recognition for her hard work and support she gives to the admin teams. She is always approachable and willing to help out with any problems. She never seems to have a off day and is always smiling :)

Thank you Michelle, you make a difference.



Sally has been outstanding in recent times. Supporting all levels of staff throughout both the pandemic waves and the current fall-out that we are experiencing in MSK. Times can be difficult with staffing levels and fluctuating illness, challenging the remaining workforce. Sally has supported us through all of this. She has made time to see us as individuals with IPRs and 1:1 supervision, she has listened and acted upon our requests. She has stayed strong where others would have crumbled, but her stoic resilience and determination to lead us is outstanding. Sally deserves the recognition for this.


Wendy is a person full of compassion towards patients and staff. She is a roll model for staff and students. She is very organised and professional. The most important thing is that she cares for her staff, making the ward a comfortable place to work.
I have seen her working alongside health care support workers and nurses. She is always ready to listen and support. Wendy Mortimer is the representation of a manager could be. She shows the values of Solent NHS trust throughout her performance as a professional.


 Sarah has led our team at Riverside to vaccinate well over 60,000 people. Sarah has brought together people from all walks of life to create an excellent team spirt which has been shown in the centres success. The feedback Riverside Vaccination Centre has received has been nothing but outstanding and this is all down to the dedication Sarah has shown the centre. No problem has ever been too big or small for Sarah. An excellent leader for an amazing program. A big thank you from the Riverside Vaccination team.

Nomination 2: The vaccination centre has been managed well and has worked efficiently, bringing people with all different skills together to help vaccinate the Isle of Wight against COVID. All employed there seemed to be happy at work and many of our clients registered their thanks both in writing and with treats for the centre employees. I’ve heard so many people say they are proud and pleased to have worked at the centre.

Nomination 3: Sarah has been an enthusiastic and supportive manager for the team at Riverside. This team was quickly put together to deliver the Covid Vaccines. At we had been very successful under Sarah’s management.

Nomination 4: Sarah showed exceptional leadership qualities when heading up this unique hub of people from a variety of career backgrounds and effortlessly commanded respect and loyalty from every one of us. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of this.

Nomination 5: Amazing manager, very compassionate to everyone, always created lovely atmosphere and is a big part in our riverside experience that is proving to be life changing. Sarah definitely deserves the award!


Nomination 6: I think the organisation of the centre was second to none when I went for vaccines and all volunteers very attentive. From a patient or service user.

Nominaiton 7: Sarah has gone above and beyond to make this vaccination centre outstanding both in services provided and management of staff/ training & delivery. Its been a real pleasure to be part of her fabulous team.

Nomination 8: Right from the start of my working at Riverside Vaccination Centre Sarah Stringer and her team made me feel welcome. Everyone was clear of their role and I always felt supported by Sarah. The centre was run extremely efficiently as was borne out by the positive comments received from many members of the public. It has been a pleasure to work with Sarah and I will miss working at the centre.

Nomination 9: I started working at the riverside on its first day of opening . Everyone there has different working backgrounds but the way in which we were managed and looked after and organised was something I had not experienced in all of my working life. Sarah stringer was a fantastic manager , extremely supportive and am very proud to have been part of her fantastic team .

10: Leading by example with strong leadership and support. Recognising what is needed to move forward and encouraging the Riverside Team to do the same.

11: Professionalism - throughout uncertainty-showed support through high demands encouraging staff and leading by example.



Hayley is always there for support and help. She has worked extremely hard in audited and cleansed all Health Visitor caseloads and feedback from staff is that she has reduced their anxiety and workloads. Hayley has done this as well as managing her own workload and team. Our service is very lucky to have her.

Nomination 2: She is a real team player, She is supportive, She is empathetic ,She is organised.

Over the last 2 years the mental health service has rolled out a suicide -focussed intervention called CAMs (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality). In recent times more patients have needed help with suicidality whilst the service has been under considerable strain with increased demand; staff sickness and strained staff morale. The Assessment team (a2i) and Crisis team (CRHT) have been especially committed to this work and provided many patients identified at risk of suicide with this new intervention.


 Riverside has delivered over 60,000 vaccinations. The team spirt and teamwork at the centre has been excellent leaving everyone delighted to be part of something memorable. The team have come from all walks of life from early morning till late at night, in the bitter snow of February through to the sweltering summer days, (we did have a few), 7 days a week for the last 8 months with Sarah, Felicity and Jan leading us. I believe that as a team we are all immensely proud of what we have achieved and how we have worked together. This project could not have been so successful if it wasn't for the hard work of the entire team contributing to the day-to-day running of the Centre. WELL DONE TEAM RIVERSIDE!!

Nomination 2:  An outstanding example of community and NHS professionals coming together to provide a clinical centre for the benefit of the population of the Isle of Wight to offer COVID 19 vaccinations, at the centre and in roving teams.

3: Team Riverside have been a hard working team putting the patient at the heart of what they do.

4: an excellent team,with the heart of the Island at the core. For such a small island they have done so well in vaccinating the islands population with due care and attention.
They deliver the service with a smile and welcome clients so warmly

5: An efficient and cohesive team with excellent feedback from the public

6: I have been part of team riverside since the Centre opened in February. I am so proud to have been part of such a fantastic team . We have achieved so much in such a small space of time . We are all from different working backgrounds but all worked together to achieve this fantastic result for the Isle of Wight .

7: Smooth running caring very informative and made you feel at ease

 8: The team at Riverside is made up of people from all walks of life, many have never worked together before. However they have shared a common theme which was to help others in what were and still are uncertain times. It has been a journey of discovery and purpose, the aim of which has been to overcome and prevent Covid-19 taking over our lives and causing further heartache.

9: In a short time, the team of professionals and volunteers has come together to provide an efficient and friendly service to the public requiring Covid vaccinations.

10: An excellent vaccination centre who's success is reflection in the vaccination rates. Very efficiently run.

11: We’ve all worked as a team volunteers and nhs staff it’s been a happy place to work with many members of the public very happy with the way vaccinations have been rolled out.

12: Under Sarah Stringer, the Riverside team has united professionals and volunteers to provide a seamless and happy service to the Isle of Wight community, vaccinating many thousands over the past months.

I would like to nominate the Solent rotational admin team for a Solent Team Award.

The team has been coming together over the last 18 months to support the rotational physiotherapists who rotate between four service lines in Solent NHS Trust and in and out of Portsmouth Hospitals University Trust at both band 5 and 6 level. The team have been so successful they are now going to be supporting the rotational occupational therapists in Adults Portsmouth too.

The physiotherapy staff rotate every 6 months (band 5) or annually (Band 6) and with 49 members of staff in the combined Solent and PHUT rotation they are pivotal in organising their laptops, S1 training, uniform, inductions etc. liaising with the team leads on the rotations, dealing with questions and queries and providing invaluable support for newly qualified staff who need help and assistance with learning how to navigate the Solent systems and working in the NHS.

The feedback from staff since they have started has been amazing with comments such as ‘very helpful’ and ‘supportive’. They truly embracing the HEART values providing a compassionate, sympathetic and respectful team approach and an invaluable support for newly qualified staff in all their rotations. I could not do my physio professional lead role without such an amazing team, thank you.


I would like to nominate Havant Special Care as there has been lots of changes recently with new team members coming in and staff members moving on but yet the team at Havant have stayed happy and taken it all in their stride, I always look forward to work and enjoy myself in my daily work as part of the team here at Havant, everyone pulls together and works as a team and nothing is too much trouble if help is needed. Its a chilled atmosphere but the job still gets done to a high standard.


The CNSS team go above and beyond in more ways than one.

We help support patients that are reaching the End of their Life to live their last days, weeks or even months in the best and most dignified way possible; within their own home; with their loved ones, friends and even pets.

The CNSS team are open and honest to all of their patients and work well along side other health professionals to give the best person centred care.

Every member of the team has their own qualities, strengths and knowledge which all interlink with one another to run the service well.

We respect one another, other health care professionals and most importantly out patients along with their families.

We are a small but powerful team and go above and beyond.



The central locality community health nurses are amazing. They have a great work ethic and are so supportive towards each other and the team. They are the first team to offer their services if we are short staffed in an area and will always be flexible to meet the needs of the service.

Their passion is to ensure children's needs are met - they realise they can't do it all, but they do what they can to the best of their ability.

I would be lost without them and wish to take this opportunity to thank every single one.

You all rock :)



Urgent Response Services have worked tirelessly over the past few months. This team is often asked to flex and adapt to meet system and service demands. Despite capacity and demand challenges they have embraced the implementation of the nationally mandated Urgent Care Response 2 hour and 2 day responses in a positive and proactive way. This has been a whole team effort!

The dedication and commitment that they show to their patients is second to none. The team work across the community and Emergency Department to ensure that patients needs are assessed and support patients to remain at home often with the support of their sister service Urgent Response Social. They are an amazing team and each and everyone of them should be really proud of what they achieve. This team truly lives and breathes the HEART values each and everyday!



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