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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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I had my coil replaced not only was the doctor I saw wonderful. She was concerned about my bp and called me back. She recommended me if it remained high to go to see my gp. Since then I have been put into medication and had blood tests, my mum and Nan sadly both passed away with a heart attack and thanks to this lady I now have all the right medication to prevent me from having a heart attack at such a young age. I am: A patient or service user


Engages so well with the bank staff, reassures and supports them. Made me feel so welcome and taken time to explain and show me how things work, often staying late or catching up on things at home. Having worked on the wards she understands the importance of getting the shifts filled so we are as safe as possible for both staff and patients. I might have to call her treat lady as she gives us a boost when it gets a little crazy. I believe she is a credit to Solent NHS.





Sammy is passionate about Occupational Therapy. She always puts her clients first and goes the extra mile to make sure they have the best possible outcome.


Ant is so knowledgeable of the Health Roster system and deserves praise and recognition for his hard work behind the scenes. He's always supportive and nothing is too much to ask.

 Nomination 2: Ant always listens & willing to help, whilst helping resolves issues he take the time to share his knowledge so you can attempt to resolve the issue next time yourself. Easy to talk to & very approachable, he treats you with respect - Ant is so knowledgeable of the health roster and I feel a very valuable member of Solent.

Nomination 3: Anthony Stone has been so helpful through Mobilisation of Kier Team to In House Resource for Estates Department, He has helped with the Roster and provided updates when we needed them. He has also provided one to one help and show and tell. Always answers emails promptly and always happy person to speak with. Customer service is excellent. Good Luck Anthony.


Recently a very unwell and very distressed carer contacted our team about a patient who clearly needed nursing assistance. The telephone calls that were being made to the team were at times, abusive, difficult to listen to and for the most part upsetting. The carer ultimately decided she could only talk to two people and Jodie was one of these people. When the carer started to make very worrying statements about herself and the patient, Jodie agreed to call her whilst her manager and Community Matron sat with her listening into the call. The call lasted for approximately 45 minutes and during that time Jodie remained calm, compassionate, offered possible solutions, listened, was honest and open with the caller and reassured her as much as she possibly could. Jodie has had extremely limited training in how to handle calls of this nature but displayed so much professionalism, compassion and a true sense of wanting to help the caller that it was actually very moving to be involved in the experience. Jodie should be proud of the help that she offered that day to someone very clearly in distress and her willingness to help her colleagues achieve a solution to a difficult situation demonstrates just how much of a team player Jodie is.

 Nomination 2: Jodie had a very difficult conversation with a patient's daughter and handled it calmly and in a professional compassionate way resulting in both mother and daughter getting the help they were crying out for.

Nomination 3: Jodie showed respect and care whilst dealing with a very difficult and upsetting telephone conversation with a Patients daughter. Jodie was also concerned about her Team colleagues and wanted to check they were okay as they had also taken difficult calls from the patients daughter.

Nomination 4:  Jodie showed courage in having a difficult conversation with a service user and showed utmost professionalism in her handling of a challenging situation. Jodie showed honesty, integrity and excellent communication skills. Jodie showed compassion and I am very proud to work alongside her.

Nomination 5: Jodie is always professional and kind. She goes above and beyond to help with any issues. She is bright and cheerful everyday even though she is under enormous work place strain. She rightly deserves this award.

 Nomination 6: Jodie is always professional and shows empathy and compassion to everyone she comes in contact with. She is willing to help and offer support to her colleagues and if you don't know she will go out of her way to find out the answer. There have been many challenging times throughout the last few years but she always remains calm and supportive to everyone around her. She is an asset to community nursing and not only do staff continue to comment on her ability to multi task and still take time to support them in there role but patients and relatives also notice her calmness and reassurance when speaking to her on the phone. Jodie encompasses the Solent heart values every day at work showing honesty, making sure everyone counts, accountability, respectful to all whom come in contact with her and trust worthy. Jodie makes sure we all work together and we are a team.

Elizabeth and Hannah have been just so helpful and supportive to me- they have without doubt gone and above and beyond- helping, guiding, supporting me - with a great sense of humour - thank you, it is very much appreciated.


Julie shows how she embodies the Solent Trust values and behaviours; she seeks to deliver excellence, seeing tasks through, and helping, supporting, and developing others. She sees how effective teamwork makes a difference, notices when people need extra support and can always be relied upon. She notices when the team needs a boost and acts upon it with her unstinting enthusiasm. She is a highly professional secretary, making suggestions for improvements across the service, but never forgets the importance of fun. Julie is a secretary I admire and aspire to be and is a great role model for sustainability. I feel privileged to be working peer to peer with a person who is so kind, caring and compassionate about everything they do in our service.



I suffered very bad and long term side effects from my first COVID vaccine. Despite how busy the centre was, Chris took the time to listen to my symptoms and concerns and referred me to the practice nurse for advice. Following a consultation with my Doctor, Chris then guided me every step of the way. Without Chris I would not have had my second vaccination.


I am: A patient or service user


My nomination goes to the Super Star that is Rachael.

Rachael is: Respectful, Approachable, Caring, Helpful, Attentive, Energetic, & Loved by all!
Seeing patients smile as they walk through the surgery door is a testament on how Rachael has the natural ability to make patients feel at ease and enjoy their visit to the Dental Clinic.


Nominations 2: Rachel does an amazing job. She has her own way how to approach children and make them happy when seeing a dentist. She also has her special set of flavoured toothpastes and therefore makes children fancy about tooth brushing.

I have felt extremely supported by Debra Russell whilst undergoing very worrying health tests, her support has helped me through a very worrying & stressful time in my life and I am very grateful for all of the support that she has given to me. It really has made me feel that everyone counts as in our heart values.


Fantastic manager, supportive and encouraging - always there for our whole team



Steve has been super helpful the past few months, any queries or worries we may have, Steve has always been on hand to help and get things sorted in a quick and professional manner.



I have felt extremely supported by My Manager Lavinia Ellis whilst undergoing very worrying health tests, her support has helped me through a very worrying & stressful time in my life and I am very grateful for all of the support that she has given to me. It really has made me feel that everyone counts as in our heart values


Tracy is focused on ensuring the services are staffed and updated of any changes. She checks in on her bank staff and has a friendly and professional approach and builds relationships with those she comes into contact with.


The bank team are amazing. Always helping when others are not available to answer your questions and have worked flat out in a thankless role without a moan or gripe. Such friendly service lead individuals always willing to go the extra mile.


Nomination 2: As like all services the Bank staffing team have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and beyond. I am proud to work with such an amazing dedicated team who put the services needs first ensuring services are updated of needs and keeping bank staff informed of shifts and changes. The team have worked to improve compliance across the Bank staff to ensure safety to our wards and services and those individuals we support- Always using the mentality what if that was me or my family member receiving the care.

The Special Care Dentistry West Locality Team have recently been experiencing staff shortages due to a variety of reasons. Our team is spread across five sites and usually patients would be seen by a particular clinician or clinic.The team Dental Nurses have been incredibility flexible in agreeing to work across different sites, often at short notice to cover for their colleagues. The Dentists and Dental Therapist have been very willing to share the workload of emergency patients between the clinics to ensure that they can achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

 I feel that the team have really embodied their HEART values, in particular the Everybody Counts value. The have really looked after each other to share their workload and have looked after their patients to ensure they have continued to receive high standards of care despite the current difficult circumstances. As their Area Lea I feel really proud of them.

In addition to the team really living our the everybody counts value, they are of course really embracing the Teamwork value too!

The safeguarding team have introduced significant changes to the mandatory safeguarding training this year. Through out the change the whole of the learning and development team have been exceptionally responsive, supportive, patient and very quick to help.

Despite numerous queries from staff and the safeguarding team about training requirements, compliance figures and the learning platform, they all remain positive extremely efficient whilst maintaining their humour.

We as a service could not have asked for more support from them. Thank you Learning and development team.



Over the past year the recruitment team have delivered above and beyond - a small team with so much to support - always a smile on their face and nothing ever too much


HCA's are the backbone of the wards and in the community, undertaking a wide range of (sometimes unglamorous) tasks caring for the most vulnerable of patients. HCA's work hard for little return, providing the best care that they can give everyday and throughout the pandemic, some contracting Covid themselves from their patients. HCA's are sometimes overlooked but their work is valued by those around them and they definitely deserve an award and recognition for the hard work that they do.

They are supportive in keeping with the everyone counts value, which allows us to do our jobs as clinicians, knowing that our needs are being met behind the scenes. They demonstrate the respectful and teamwork values by communicating clearly and compassionately with us, and collaborate to make sure tasks are done.



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