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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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Jacquie was redeployed to Inpatient Rehab at the Royal South Hants in March to assist covering one ward clerk role, this has turned into covering three different ward clerk roles . This was a very busy and stressful time at the start of the Covid crisis. During her redeployment she has quickly learnt these varying roles and has been a great support to myself and the entire team. Nothing is too much trouble and she will help where ever possible. Jacquie is also involved with setting up Solent Disability Resource Group which she cares passionately about.

Stuart has been involved from the beginning in establishing the COVID-19 testing team in the Solent community and at UHS - Adanac Park. He has been instrumental in training both Solent and UHS staff. Stuart is a great team player and colleague who has been supportive throughout to myself and the wider team through the pandemic.

Jess has been very welcoming and supportive of me. Always has a smile on her face. Good to work with and makes the shift run smoothly. Great with patients too.

Sally Ann was involved with establishing the COVID-19 testing pod initially at the West wing, UHS and then Adanac Park. Throughout her time with the testing team she worked endlessly to ensure a high standard of care for those being swabbed and was a very supportive colleague to myself.

Mollie is employed as a paediatric community Speech and Language Therapist and was put forward for redeployment in Spring. Mollie had a great attitude towards being redeployed and remained calm and collective at all times. Personally, I feel she remained honest with her feelings and attitudes towards this new role and when she did return to work (on days where she could) she was explicitly clear with the team of what she was finding challenging but yet continued to offer colleagues support if they needed it. Because of this, she is a real 'team player' and ensures that every member of the team feels valued and continues to bring lots of fun and laughter amongst our team of therapists. She continues to take accountability for her actions and is able to listen to feedback to inform future practice and decision making. Her kind nature is an asset to the team which always enables her to be respectful of others. She truly is a team player and I'm thankful for the hard work she put in to her redeployment role and the work she continues to do for the team.

Georgia made me feel so welcome on the ward, made effort to get to know me and help orientate me to the routine. She’s so bright and bubbly, makes every shift fun no matter what, always look forward to working with her. Pleasure to work with and great with patients!

Nomination 2: I am nominating Georgia because she is such a hard worker, nothing is too much trouble and she is always there to help both staff and patients. Georgia adapts well to the acuity of the ward changing and is able to build a strong rapport with a majority of patients. Georgia is a valuable member of the team and I am so happy she has joined us !


Joan was involved with establishing the COVID-19 testing pod initially at the West wing, UHS and then Adanac Park. There were many challenges working under the direction of a different organisation (UHS), and frequent changes to requirements (to which strict adherence was expected). Joan rose to these challenges. She also endeavoured to ensure an almost personalised approach to each person being tested, aware of the fears and concerns of each person being tested. Despite almost no-stop changes of PPE and form filling, she maintained HEART values throughout.

Julie is an amazing colleague, she took me under her wing and throughout my time at Solent advised, guided and taught me the 'community way' when I joined from an acute Trust. She really cares about her work, her team and her colleagues and despite her extremely busy schedule will always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is supported. Her passion to help and support shines through and I will really miss working with her now I am leaving the Trust. Julie is one of those nurse colleagues who you would want managing your care should you ever need it!



My reasons for nominating both of these wonderful women. Are because they were both incredible at there jobs and do them with great energy. They were both empathetic and real with the support and information but also they made me feel very comfortable through the calls I had with them. Also having that ability to be professional as well as having a chat and making me understand each step. I wish to say thank you once again to them both. They are a credit to the service that they give but also to your branch of nhs. They deserve to be boosted in there career as well as supported. As they will do anyone and everyone a great service.


From a patient or service user

I nominate Nina, because she is very hardworking, always happy to help out in whatever the situation may be. Very approachable. And will always listen and take your views into account before making a decision on something. Nina has also been the most visible manager across both wards throughout Covid. Absolute asset to the Orchards. Great manager!


Nomination 2: Nina is an exemplary Manager and is brilliant in running the ward. How she deal swith situations and look after staff and colleagues deserves recognition.



I would like to nominate Kelley because she has been everyone's rock this year, She works between different offices to make sure all basis are covered. Kelley is warm and friendly and very approachable. Kelley provides us every week with the next weeks working rota with making sure people are staying safe and working from home and in base when safe to do so. I couldn't ask for a better manager, there anytime to answer not just her work phone but her mobile number if we need anything.

Nomination 2: Kelley is our manager and she has been extremely supportive to us before and during the Covid-19 period. She will go above and beyond her role and is always available in a time of need. She is professional, kind and so helpful . Kelley is a valued member of staff and is always available with a kind ear in times of personal problems along with work problems. She definitely deserves recognition for this.

Nomination 3: Kelley has gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic being very supportive to help staff adjust to the new way of working.

Nomination 4: I would like to nominate Kelley, our manager, because she has been absolutely amazing this year in these very difficult months. She works between three bases normally to make sure she is accessible to everyone, as well as being seconded to St Mary's since Covid-19 and helping there. Kelley is very welcoming and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble and she is very approachable. She goes above and beyond to help anyone. She definitely deserves recognition for her dedication and caring nature.

After suffering Corona Virus with Pneumonia, and spending three months away from the job I love. This manager has made my phase return to work as painless as possible. Along with the Occupational Health my manager has given me the support I felt I needed.

I would like to nominate Kwadwo for being an exemplary manage brilliant in running the ward. They deal with situations and look after their staff and colleagues.



Ellie took over as my manager following my return to work from a period of long term sickness and recent bereavement. She was kind, compassionate, fair, supportive and consistent in her management of me and made a huge difference to my transition back to work. I am about to leave the Trust and will miss working for and with her. I believe that Ellie exemplifies the HEART values in all that she does and deserves recognition for her efforts!


Maggie has worked for the trust for many years and is due to retire in August. She truly represents what is great about Solent and community nursing - taking the HEART values and incorporating them every day in her work. She is a supportive manager taking time to ensure all her staff feel supported and takes time to listen. It has been a challenging time with recent changes and COVID 19 but she has been there every step of the way. She is a great advocate / voice for our team and truly cares for all our patients and staff. I only hope one day I can become the manager she has been to us.

Nomination 2: The most supportive and encouraging manager I've ever had . Works above and beyond for everyone and always there to support the team.

Nomination 3: Maggie is an amazing manager who has juggled all the balls that Covid has thrown & still remained focussed on providing excellent patient care while managing & motivating her team of district nurses.

Nomination 4: I have always feel supported by Maggie and if I ever need help I know I can phone her at anytime . She will make sure the patients are always put first and cared for. Maggie was ment to retire before covid19 but stayed to support everyone though this hard time .

Nomination 5: Maggie is the best manager I ever came across, she is supportive and cares not just for our patients but every single ones of us. You can always ask Maggie anything and she will try her best to give you an answer/explain things to you.

Nomination 6: Maggie is always there to help us whenever we need her she is an amazing leader she supports teaches and listens to all of us.

Nomination 7: I am nominating Maggie, my team manager! Maggie has supported me since joining the team, she is very dedicated to our team and has individually supported me through the pandemic! She works extremely hard to support the Western South team! She is approachable and committed to bringing the team together as much as the latest restrictions allowed us to and she is fair and very kind! I am nominating Maggie and I think she deserves the award!

Nomination 8:For always being there too support me when it’s needed, helping at all times without fail even when she’s so busy. The best manager I could have asked for. Going to be missed greatly.

Nomination 9: Truly wonderful manager. Consistently goes above and beyond to ensure patients receive the very best care. Works in her own time, all of the time. Takes such good care of her team, always ensuring they are safe and well, offering support- clinically, and emotionally too. Truly someone to look up to and to aspire to be like.

Nomination 10: Dedication to the service for many years. Goes above and beyond for her patients and her colleagues. She was due to retire in May but due to Covid she extended this. She can adapt to new demands from the service and continue to provide excellent care. As her daughter I have witnessed her working hard and even in her free time outside of work she will ensure that she supports her team. Also an excellent baker!

Nomination 11: Maggie is the kindest, hardest working, amazing nurse and manager I have ever met. She’s amazing to work with goes above and beyond for all her staff. She bakes for the staff and checks everyone’s ok. She would do anything for us and us her! She deserves this more than anyone

Nomination 12: Maggie is always so approachable & always goes the extra mile for us in her team and patients. She is a credit to NHS Solent.

Nomination 13: I have known Maggie for 17 years. She is always there to help staff colleagues. She is one of the most committed member of staff I know and works so hard. I know her team members love being in her team. When I first came to the community she was always there to help if I needed it. I believe Maggie really deserves this award as she retiring and is a valued colleague and friend.

Nomination 14: Supportive and works above and beyond to ensure all staff feel supported at work

The clinical team coordinators in the South West Hants teams have been incredible and worked so hard to support their staff. the have run re deployment zoom calls they have been incredibly thoughtful and flexible and worked well as a group. in terms of solent values they have need living honesty and teamwork in order to support and contain the extreme anxiety.

The team consists of 10 member of staff including Lisa Fisher, Karen Thrower, Matt McLean, Elaine Stockwell, Jo Russell, Jean Draper, Richard May, Helen Green, Peter Smith and Lynn Doney. This team are 100% committed to a shared purpose and are probably the most team spirited group of people I have ever managed, they continually support one another and are happy to cover their colleagues as and when it is necessary, very often giving up their own time so that their colleagues can get the best from theirs. Each and every one of them takes ownership for the role they perform and deliver it with pride. They are a large team but ensure that each of them are heard and are allowed to contribute their opinion to the "conversation". This team are loyal and supportive to me as a manager and I can think of no other way of demonstrating to the whole site how much I admire them.

A number of SLTs were re-deployed. they showed great teamwork.

Our team has shown amazing commitment to work better and together to enhance and improve patient care over the last year, but especially during the COVID pandemic. The team have worked every day to embody our Trust Values. They have treated each other with respect and kindness ensuring every team member has felt empowered, valued and safe in a time of change. Moral has been higher during a time of rapid change and uncertainty due to the commitment and flexibility of everyone. I am inspired to work with such an outstanding team, who are determined to make a difference to everyone that they care for. Their dedication to our patients amazes me, they certainly guarantee every contact counts.


Nomination 2:  The team are very committed to providing the best care possible, and always offer to pick up extra work from other localities to ensure patients city wide receive the best standard of care!

A hard working team with a good team spirit!



They are a fantastic team to work with an they will go above and beyond to support patients an their families.

SW Hants SLTs - Siobhan Moad, Doreen Smith, Mollie Stanfield, Katie Unwin, Amanda McLoughlin, Anna Sinkinson, Steph Rowson

A number of our team was temporarily redeployed to support the Covid wards. On returning, I asked them to share their experiences and learning with colleagues who had remained. The team shared the most powerful presentation, a really professional and impressive mix of information, process and emotion, recognising their own contributions and those of all around them in enabling them to succeed in their HCA roles. The team was open and honest in sharing the good, bad and ugly; considered everyone in both the content and delivery of the information - contributions that people had made, but also what their colleagues needed to hear; they were accountable in recognising their responsibility in feeding back, and taking on this challenge independently; respectful in their acknowledgement of those who had supported them through the process and sharing experiences in a confidential and dignified way for patients involved; and showed incredible teamwork in the experiences they had had together, supporting their remaining colleagues and in pulling together a very coherent presentation through remote work! They also took the initiative to use the HEART values to structure part of their presentation themselves, as below:

Honesty: How everyone was feeling towards redeployment – there was a real mixed bag of emotions which were all valid. Told we were ‘brave’ but didn’t feel it! Needed courage to turn up and keep going though Honesty in complete lack of knowledge; sometimes level of implied knowledge in training and so needed to be able to say whether something still didn’t make sense. Importance of being open with each other in order to support each other when we needed it.

Everyone Counts: No difference between people being redeployed and people who remained, all playing an important role Within redeployed team – this was evident in training i.e. getting trained alongside dental nurses, therapy assistants, sexual health assistants, community nurses: no differentiation. Created SW Hants Redeployed WhatsApp group for sharing experiences, queries, latest news. Putting ourselves in the patient’s shoes and being as helpful and supportive as we could/our skills allowed, to make them feel comfortable and supported in the strange situation (PPE everywhere!, lots of new faces).

Accountable: Signing up to training sessions: had to be aware of own skill level and what sessions you needed to be attending. Training gave us the knowledge we needed to feel more prepared and reassured to be an HCA when the time came/comes. Trainers and Management renamed the training to sideskilling in recognition of the fact that we are all already skilled and this was adding onto our current knowledge and expertise not upskilling.

Respectful: When on the ward and handling personal care i.e. changing the patient and less glamorous jobs like changing commodes – even though it was a completely new experience, having to still manage that in a way that was respectful and maintained their dignity. Communication barriers were huge when wearing PPE especially when supporting patients who had hearing loss. Skills and knowledge in using total communication came in handy. Glued to phone/laptop for the daily #TeamInpatients email update- highlighted the importance of feeling connected with the newly formed team and communicated with in as timely as manner as possible given the ever changing circumstances Increased respect for all HCAs and Nurses for the amazing work they do each day! Increased awareness of own comfort zones, areas of interest, professional choices made so far, and respecting those with differing views.

Teamwork: There was a real sense of coming together, and supporting each other throughout the training sessions – previous job titles were not that important and everyone was on the same page. A feeling of being proud to be part of an amazing, knowledgeable nursing team who trained and supported us A real awareness that the SLT team who remained were working really hard to cover for us being gone – extremely grateful for the team doing that! Solent were very supportive of our mental health and well-being and this was highlighted every time we set foot in Adelaide Hospital. Also continues now that we are back. Clear leadership demonstrated by Solent – Mia Wren and Sally Gray present at training and on-going, Trainers calling in to check on us on first shift, Dr Joe’s daily emails!, sitting next to Sue Harriman and Jonathon Prosser for lunch!!

Since March the care group representatives have organised all the covid responses and ensured all service lines in the Portsmouth care group has been supported. they have been the team to get things done. Looked at ways for more efficient and safer ways of working and improved the covid response.

My name is Vanessa, I am the associate practitioner with the Palliative Support Team, and have been for the last almost ten years. I would like to nominate my team. We are about to embark on a new beginning in joining Mountbatten Hampshire. We have been with Solent for almost 12 years now, starting from a very small team to a much bigger concern. We as a team have been through difficult times but have maintained our trust values despite what has challenged us. We have delivered a first class service to the Palliative Patients of Southampton, and will continue to do so, just under a different structure. The difference that we make to those in their end of life care, shines through in the many plaudits that we receive. I feel that we are worthy of some recognition for all the hard work that we have done over the years. Our current Manager Siobhan Meyrick is leading us with a clear vision into our next journey. I feel that we have provided excellent care and have gone above and beyond in our patient care. We are a well loved team in Solent and I am sure others would agree that we are worthy of a team award.


Since March the care group representatives have organised all the covid responses and ensured all service lines in the Portsmouth care group has been supported. they have been the team to get things done. Looked at ways for more efficient and safer ways of working and improved the covid response.

I work on Maple ward myself and I feel that we have dealt with many challenges bot before and during covid, in such a good way! we have worked well as a team and boosted morale amongst ourselves when we were all feeling a bit burnt out, I'm proud to work for this ward and think that all my colleagues deserve to be recognised for simply being the best!

Nomination 2: Staff were honest about there fears and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 Virus and the PPE provided yet they put their concerns and fears aside to care for and treat patients from all walks of life without hesitation. Staff understood that they were accountable for their actions and reactions. In facing such a deadly virus, it would be easy to get stressed but staff remained respectful to each other and pulled together as a team.

Nomination 3: The staff working on Maples ward are the unsung hero's of Solent NHS Trust. The real guys who should be getting rewards for dealing with challenging behaviour including being spat at whilst in a COVID crisis. We need to do more to show our appreciation to the guys who actually work on the floor and have dealt with the troubles of having their PPE ripped off by patients etc. The NHS could not last without them and it would be nice if they could get a physical reward for all the hard work they do.

Nomination 4: Amazing team, They have worked really hard through these difficult times. All staff are very supportive.

Nomination 5: Great place to work, everyone welcoming and work well together. Great patient care.

As a member of staff, My team in Rehab- Matt, Carolyne, Janette, Dan, and Mairea, a doctor and two sisters helped, and supported me through feeling very unwell during my work shift. I needed to go to A+E and later that day I was discharged. My team was caring supportive and I can't thank them enough.


heart values