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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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To assist you in making a nomination please consider writing about the following points.

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  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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I feel that Andrew should be nominated for his behaviours and attitudes towards our "together" value. He really puts his patients at the forefront and holistically looks at how he can help them, and will go above and beyond for patients. I have had copious patient feedback forms saying how much they appreciate Andrew for how comfortable, relaxed and informed they felt. Just today, a patient who Andrew had seen last week brought in a small tub of chocolates to say thank you and expressed how thankful she was. All patients comment on how thoughtful, non-judgemental, and thorough he is, he will never let a patient leave if they are still unsure of something or don't feel they got what they needed. I really think Andrew deserves this award as he is doing so amazingly well, and is progressing in his trainee role to becoming one amazing sexual health nurse!

Michelle identified a patient who looked a little distressed at Queen Alexandra Hospital - Rehabilitation Centre. Upon questioning the patient stated that they felt really bad. This situation escalated so Michelle quickly took initiative and alerted the crash team and followed all the right procedures in a timely manner. The patient was subsequently taken into hospital. By Michelle using her initiative and noticing the patient did not look right, she has been vital in saving a patient's life here. She should be extremely proud of herself and how she reacted in this highly pressured situation. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Julie is an asset to all the Community Psychiatrists at SMCHC and community mental health teams . She is efficient in managing our diaries , efficient in managing queries from pharmacy, service users & GP surgeries, She has good at managing the expectations of other staff . She supports all her administration staff colleagues . She is knowledgeable about IT and communications . She offers service with a smile. All the systems fall apart when she is on leave. She is a star.

Leigh has supported the team and myself to keep the service running and provides a great deal of emotional support to the team as well as being a fountain of knowledge. I would like to nominate Leigh as I believe she goes over and above to support everyone and brings a good atmosphere to the working environment.

I am nominating Linda for a Solent award because she has to be praised and applauded for the bravery she showed in relation to her intervention regarding 2 children who were left unattended in a car which then led to her being intimidated and verbally abused by members of the public. I was struck by her inquisitive concern for the children by picking up on them being left and then purposefully remaining on the scene to assess what happened next as she had a clear concern for their welfare. It would have been a much easier thing to leave and hope that the children were going to be ok – particularly the area in the city where this was taking place. Yet, she followed this through to the point of engaging with family hub staff who after proving less than useful, she persevered to the point of contacting the police causing her to experience significant verbal abuse from the adults As I read the incident report she completed, it made me think that the compassion and courage she displayed in this incident is exactly the sorts of qualities I would expect in all our workforce and that if my children were ever in a risky situation, I would want a committed tenacious healthcare professional such as her looking out for them.


Wayne is brilliant, he is so helpful to his team by being responsive and reliable, he is also very supportive and caring towards our patients, he is often able to build a good rapport with a majority of patients that come onto the ward and he is such a happy and positive presence all the time.

Tina ensures tasks are followed through and provides support when needed. Tina is always accountable for her actions to ensure the safety of both patients and staff who access the ward. Tina has recently provided support to the admin team over a range of issues.

Tony is very competent member of staff. He shows great enthusiasm for his role but also a huge awareness of the ward in general. At busy times he is always enthusiastic to assist and to help out. In any way he can Patients talk about Tony in glowing light and he establishes positive therapeutic relationships with both patients and relatives.

Nomination 2: Tony clearly enjoys his role and always gives 100 %. He is always aware of the ward environment and happy to lend a hand and use his skills to assist in any way. Tony is an excellent team player and is well respected for his role on the ward. I have personally heard lots of positive feedback from patients and also relatives about Tony's input into their care and recovery.

Martin is a real go to colleague always happy to help, support and resolve any incident - Friendly assertive he steps up whenever needed a real star within our team.

She is amazing at what she does, she is so kind and will help anyone with anything. I will be soon taking on a new job role and Claire has helped me so much already she just goes above and beyond

Jubilee House has undergone a lot of change recently. The staff have all been expected to complete a clinical competency programme. We could not have managed this without the support of our colleagues in the Learning and Development Team but especially Maria who has demonstrated the HEART values in everything she has done. Marie has taken ownership of the programme by ensuring that all staff have spent quality 121 time with her, she has taken ownership of this and has allowed the nurses to feel empowered to achieve the competencies. Maria has showed great teamwork and a shared purpose to ensure that our nurses are confident and competent to care for the patients of Portsmouth. Whilst this programme has covered some basic nursing competencies Maria has delivered the training with openness and compassion making each nurse feeling valued and supported. Evidence of this was when she came in on a number of nights to ensure the night nurses were just as included and valued as the day nurses. I feel this entire process has been made so much easier by having a colleague like Maria. She is the epitome of a team player who has demonstrated such commitment to achieving a goal for my team of nurses. I would love to see Maria recognised for her invaluable support and expertise.

Nomination 2: In all of my dealings with Maria - when working as Operations Lead for Mental Health Services, Maria showed: Honesty: Analysing particular staffing development challenges, clearly identifying issues and coming up with workable solutions. Everyone counts: Ensuring that her solutions were inclusive and aspiration-affirming for staff. Accountability: Maria owned her solutions and was ready to implement them herself. Respect: Maria's participation in our Workforce meetings were characterised by respectful contributions. Teamwork: Maria's suggestions bore in mind management colleagues and staff alike.

Maria is a key member to the Inpatient therapy team. She is very professional and has great potential in managing crisis situations in a very calm and controlled manner. Over the last 3 weeks she has worked exceptionally hard providing quality service to her patients. She is has been very flexible with her working hours and has prioritised her patients always giving 100% going above and beyond incorporating the SOLENT HEART values.

Catherine has always exceled as being creative, inclusive, tenacious and respectful. These skills and talents were most recently demonstrated in the excellent coordination and organisation of the children's service line innovation conference that she undertook, titled making a difference. Catherine achieved where many fail, she captured the essence and spirit of the day by ensuring some of the most inspirational speakers were present and connected with the audience. The agenda was reflective of the vision and ambition of Solent. Catherine led the conference planning team with military precision, she listened to all contributions and ensured that the day was inclusive and embraced diversity. Catherine organised all of this alongside her hectic day job, she has a calmness approachability to her which is engaging and supportive and therefore elicits the best out of those she works for and with. The conference had a great impact on the 200+ delegates attended, the feedback for the day described how delegates had been moved and touched by the experience and great passion they committed to taking this learning into the day-to-day practice thus improving outcomes for children and families.


Becky is always there to help, no matter how big or a small a job is from booking rooms, to comforting you. She goes above and beyond and she needs to be showed some appreciation. She uses our Heart Values without realising it, you can always trust her with getting a job done, she's supportive in helping you do so and has great team spirit.

I would like to nominate Beccy Burgos for manager of the month. Her commitment to PRRT over the last couple of years has enabled the team to develop and change-this has included working with our partners to bring the vision of having specialist paramedic practitioners within the team a reality. This has supported and improved the admission avoidance and hospital discharges the team were already managing. Beccy has worked tirelessly to ensure our upcoming move to St Marys community campus will go as smoothly as possible, she has lead on the parking issues to allay anxiety within not only PRRT, but the wider Portsmouth Adults teams. As my line manager Beccy has shown her belief in me, enabling me to develop into my Modern Matron role-she guides me, motivates me and encourages me on a daily basis, showing me what a truly inspiring leader should look like. Beccy is an Occupational Therapist by profession and is a true advocate for all that is OT! She is working hard to ensure Solent have OT apprenticeships within its portfolio, she was shortlisted for a CAHPO award and is actively involve in encouraging student OTs to become leaders within healthcare. I do not think Beccy realises how truly effective she is as a senior leader and how brilliant she is as a manager and I feel she deserves this nomination.


Nomination 2: Becky is a great leader of a great team. She has recently supported the team to participate in a Quality Improvement Project which has lead to a more effective and efficient team improving patients' journeys through PRRT. As a social care employee I have observed on many occasions how Becky is committed to multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working and how she delivers a clear message to all staff of the importance of excellent collaboration with all professionals.

Nomination 3: Beccy is always available and approachable. She is warm and welcoming and values my opinions and views.

Nomination 4: Beccy is always approachable and always putting the needs of the team and our clients as her top priority. I have never seen her flustered and she is a quick thinker and decision maker.

Nomination 5: She supportive, inclusive, positive and always willing to talk if you need her help.

Karen embodies Solent's HEART values and culture, she's a person with immense amount of professionalism, tenacity, calmness and vision. She has stepped up to a new role and demonstrated her skill in leading and organising teams taking time to treat each team member with respect, encouragement and genuine support. She came into post when there was a lot of change and challenge and she has established herself and has already made processes and approaches more streamlined and accessible to clients ensuring that a greater number of children offered the school aged immunisations programme thus keeping children better protected from devastating infectious diseases. She shows great partnership skills with the schools in both Portsmouth and Southampton and is held in high regard by his partners, working in collaboration optimise outcomes for children. I can't think of a more deserved winner or someone who is worth the of the recognition of this award.

Catherine is a great line manager. She is approachable, speedy with her communication, and ensures I have space to discuss my challenges, issues and celebrates my achievements.

Our business support team have undergone huge changes and staff worked with great dedication despite increasing pressures. They have worked to tirelessly to support the service and tried to improve our processes for the benefit of patients and clinicians. We feel privileged to work with them as a team and could not do what we do without their contribution.

Nomination 2: Despite huge changes and increasing pressures our business support team have worked tirelessly to support the Paediatric Medical service. They have made every effort to maintain and improve processes for the benefit of patients and clinical staff. As clinicians we feel privileged to work with them as part of a team and could not do our jobs without their contribution.

Southampton school nursing team continue to demonstrate immense skills and dedication to their roles. They have overcome great challenges and demonstrate real resilience and cohesiveness in the face of adversity, sadness and loss. Their focus is only to ensure that they provide the highest standards of care to children and families Southampton and a achieve this by working together within the team and with wider partners, looking for new and innovative ways to deliver the service being responsive to need enable to adapt and be agile ensuring that resources are targeted on those most in need whilst offering a robust universal programme.

Speech and Language Therapy services in the North Hants Team have changed to offer an initial screening assessment to all children referred to the service within a very short time frame from referral. This service improvement has been very well received by families who appreciate such timely access to advice and sign posting or support when needed. This quality improvement would not have been possible without the exceptional support of the admin team in Basingstoke and Aldershot and also at SPA. They have had to manage huge numbers of children coming to clinics ( 24 in one morning at Basingstoke as an example) and have introduced new operating procedures that mean that each family can leave with a report and plan on the day. This has added a huge demand to their workload and the improvement would not have been possible without their outstanding support. All have gone above and beyond. A huge Thank you from all of your SLT colleagues in making this possible for our children and families

The Healthcare Support Workers are the unsung heros of the CPMS team. We could not offer the service we do to our patients without them. Their knowledge, skills and assessment abilities are amazing and this is always considered by the medical team when completing their reports. They get to know the families and this helps ease them when attending difficult clinic sessions. They organise, assist, develop new ways of running a seamless clinic environment. The clinical team are eternally grateful for all their hard work, which makes our lives so much easier.



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