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Brooke has an extremely busy role which she manages exceptionally well by utilizing her excellent organisational skills. Although her workload is always high she somehow manages to prioritize this in order to help her colleagues when needed. We have recently had several very time-consuming and difficult meetings that have needed to be organised and administered with lots of differing considerations to take into account and changes made at short notice. Brooke volunteered to help out with these in order to support her colleagues, although t She has undertaken this willingly, always with a smile on her face, remaining calm when we were up against deadlines and generally has been a massive support to all her colleagues. Prior to this she has supported other teams within our his was not strictly part of her role. This has involved her working over her contracted hours on a number of occasions.service line using skills she has acquired in previous positions. Again she has undertaken this willingly, with a smile on her face, happy to help out colleagues, whilst still continuing to maintain her own workload. She is incredibly good at her job but it is her flexibility and willingness to help others that is to be commended here! All in all she is a massive asset to our Service Line and to the Trust and a worthy nominee for this award. 

Vanessa is a committed and diligent nurse who is also a supportive colleague. She is a team player who works hard to uphold the reputation and achievements of the Jigsaw Service for children with learning disability in Southampton. Vanessa is a source of knowledge, advice and guidance to her colleagues as well as working to achieve the best for her service users and families.

Kim is such an amazing person! She truly believes in great care for all patients and works tirelessly with teams to ensure this. Kim supports staff at all levels, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Kim is full of kindness and compassion for all and is always willing to go the extra mile to help out. Our services are better for having Kim a part of them and I, and may others, are extremely grateful to her.

Nomination 1: I hadn't worked with Danielle previously and recently needed some help to complete a task relating to one of our sites. This work needed to be done in a short space of time and if it hadn't of been completed would have impacted on external partner organisations. Danielle was extremely helpful and acted in a way that she was part of our team trying to achieve a common goal. Danielle was very respectful, not only within our service, but to the outside organisation that we were working with for the task. If Danielle hadn't had been involved then we may not have completed our task by the deadline. I feel that Danielle deserves some recognition for her work. She really was an excellent example of a colleague working in a team environment. The service that Danielle works in is not immediately visible but absolutely necessary behind the scenes for Solent to operate smoothly.

2: Always approachable and very knowledgeable.

3: Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and outstanding in her job role, there is nothing she doesn't know about property or aspire to find out for you. 

My role is to work collaboratively with NHS colleagues to engage patients / service users on sharing their service utilisation experiences to ensure our services, of now and of the future, are meeting our patient needs. This research and engagement is mainly conducted through forum or group meetings, however Sally has been really proactive in helping identify other, often more vulnerable members of the community, that have important views to share and to facilitate me meeting with them alongside her to gather their thoughts. By being proactive in this way Sally is ensuring that the voices of these vulnerable people, often from under represented parts of our community, are being heard. She is doing this on top of her day job, with the insights shared being invaluable to Solent MIND and the CCG, and for that I think she should be recognised and rewarded!


Penny is the PA for 5 members of the team but is always willing to help out all staff/patients with issues and problems. She always has a smile on her face and is always happy to go above and beyond to support and help others. Penny is organised, efficient and supportive in her role and the service would be lost without her. She manages to juggle the diaries of 5 of the team, organise meetings and do all the general day to day running of a busy office, but always with a sense of humour.

For taking the lead and initiative (Accountable) in implementing System 1 work flows, using and sharing (Teamwork) her IT experience to improve admin processes, helping CAMHS to become paper light. Including the Training of admin staff and Clinicians and System 1 (Everyone Counts) and for pushing this initiative through SPA before her maternity leave. Christina has covered all the Solent values with this work and has gone above and beyond to improve our way of working.

Tracey changed her role from dental nurse to admin support just over a year ago as she wanted to do more of an admin based role for the service. Since taking on this new role she has ensured that she has thrown herself in to the role whole heartedly and become a real asset to the dental service. She provides training for all staff on our dental software package and her most pivotal role is to ensure that all the dental activity is accounted for and claimed accordingly. She is not frightened to challenge and she has made such a difference in the data quality and activity. She also has taken on the challenge of overseeing all the ordering for the service and the reducing of money spent on consumables. She is a real asset to the dental service.

Winner of Global Public Health Conference Poster competition that showed the ECHO Health Visiting programme developments.

Claire is the life and soul of the Physiotherapy department, she is always a happy, outgoing individual and she goes out of her way to ensure all the team and patients feel welcome . Her communication skills are fantastic towards our patients and she always shows compassion and understanding and always puts others before herself. She has personally helped me in my development within my role and nothing is ever too much trouble if I needed help. She is an asset to the NHS and makes the department a great place to work and truly deserves this award.

Kim is an exceptional nurse. She is kind and compassionate, and will passionately advocate for the people in her care. She has taken on a lot of new responsibilities recently, and is doing an incredible job supporting the team with those. She takes everything in her stride and gets on with the job at hand competently. She puts a lot of effort into supporting the team in supervision. She is a great colleague and leader and genuinely cares for the rest of the team and ensuring patients receive the best care. 

Children's Therapies East is currently going through a transformation process. Marika has been incredibly supportive of the team during the process. She has ensured that other members of the team have felt empowered to manage difficult conversations with parents and professionals, sharing her knowledge and skills and making sure that process stays on track and that deadlines are met..
We feel that Marika has really embraced the Solent values throughout this piece of work and want to recognise her contribution to the team.

Donna is so committed to the vulnerable families on her caseload and gives every single one of the her time and personal investment. She will go the extra mile for every single one of them and is committed to supporting them to make positive changes. She is a fierce advocate for her families and in particular the children within them . Donna is also a committed member of the team always available to team mates to offer support both professionally and personally in and out of work time and has a vibrant personality that lifts the team.

Claire is a team player with good communication skills, her ability to be flexible and work well under pressure is an asset to the Single Point of Access (SPA) Team in particular, however Claire works well across all the Teams in the Solent East CAMHS Service.

I would like to nominate, our amazing boss Jane salter. She is always dedicated to her job. Jane is very supportive and is friendly, always puts everyone else first before her self, Jane is truly an amazing person, deserves to have the award. One big happy family.

Approachable as an acting manager, gives support. Selfless!

would like to acknowledge Sue's commitment and dedication to the needs of the service at CAMHS. Sue was working with a yp where her needs increased she required more intensive support during 3-4 weeks. During this time Sue was asked to provide additional visits to the yp, attend urgent meetings/tele conferences which meant all this unscheduled work had an impact on her current work load where sessions were cancelled and re-arranged to prioritize the yp. During this time I was part of some of the meetings tele-conferences etc and what I noticed was:
• Sue’s patience and being very contained when asked to take on additional work. A strength was not at any point did Sue complain regarding her current workload but discussed a plan in a solution focused way in ensuring other work was not lost.
• Sue kept the yp at the center of practice and ensured she consulted the yp, encouraged her and assessed her needs appropriately.
• Sue provided consultation and advice for the residential unit so that the yp's needs were understood and met.
• Sue was extremely professional on the CETR call and other network meetings not only represented the yp but also CAMHS.

Ella goes above and beyond to support the special school nursing team at Rosewood Free School. She is respectful to all team members and listens to the needs of the team. She is honest when there is a situation which is challenging but provides support to help the team through. She is a breath of fresh air and she is very missed whilst she is off sick at present.

She leads the team with passion and by example, she values every team member and recognises the contribution each person makes and never disregards their feelings and always has time for her team. And despite challenges, she is the most positive individual and always has a smile on her face.

Ward Hosts/Hostesses - these individuals are based on the ward kitchens who help patients to complete menus and serve food/beverages to the patients at meal times.
I have received feedback from ward patient forums and patient themselves have said that they are happy with the food and the service that they are receiving on Fanshawe Ward and Brambles ward.
" The Ward Hosts are always happy to help"
"If you had a problem with your meal or didn’t like what you had chosen staff would quickly find you something else"
"hosts are always smiling and happy, which makes our day more pleasant".
Feedback from the patient forum
Patients praised the catering staff saying they were excellent and nothing was too much trouble.
We have a great team of ward Hosts who go the extra mile to please the patients in their daily dietary needs.
well done! to all the Host/Hostess team at the RSH 

"Firstly I would like to thank the ward staff for the amount of time and support they have given to ensure the student was safe and cared for. From my perspective this has been great, going over and beyond the level of support I have seen being given in a placement . Please could you thank them for me the ward has been outstanding. The staff has gone out of their way and I know the student is very grateful and so are we." This is a copy of part of an email from the course lead at Portsmouth university about the amazing team on Snowdon ward. This team have had to make some very difficult decisions about a student and have had to be honest but respectful of the difficulties that the student was experiencing. They made many adjustments to try to accommodate problems and to allow for continuation of training showing that everyone counts but that as they are accountable for the student's actions they had to be honest and truthful with the student about performance. This whole team were involved with the support of the student and I feel that this episode alone deserves an award but this is only one incident of the exemplary support that this team lead by Caroline Richardson give to the numerous students they support helping to ensure the future of the nursing profession. I would like to thank them personally and from the university by nominating them for this award.

Our back office are very hard workers within all three surgeries, teamwork.

Gemma Morgan and Lileanne Harvey attended a joint visit to asses a young patient discharged from QAH, appalling discharge, inappropriate placement, patient was in pain unable to move to get food drink or take essential medication, very vulnerable young patient placed at risk raised safeguards, got patient food water accessed food banks and used own money contacted more appropriate place for patient arranged for them to assess and move as soon as possible and prevented a further/readmission to to hospital over an out of hours weekend time frame.

The call centre is responsible for taking calls for all three Solent Surgeries. whilst it is very challenging such as being 1st port of call, dealing with violent patients, language barriers and having to multitask several admin duties throughout the day everybody works with real professionalism and are immersed in the roles. All team members go above and beyond to help each other and patients. The team is reliable, dependable and works amazingly well under pressure. It would be an honour and confidence boost to be recognised.

Swaythling Health Visiting team work with families and young children providing excellent care in the community following the healthy child programme. The team work with a large, diverse, transient population encompassing a variety of cultures, religions and languages. The service offered covers universal families to the most complex vulnerable families. The team works with professionalism, ensuring great team work and communication to ensure all the families receive outstanding care, support and health advice even when under pressure. All team members go above and beyond to help each other, their families and other professionals making every contact count. I am proud to be a part of this team.



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