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Carol starting working for us in March 2019. We have had positive feedback from patients. Carol helped a person who wasn't a patient of the surgery but who was experiencing chest pain by calling an ambulance for her after she was turned away from the Minor Injuries Department. Both the patient and her sister wrote to us about how kind Carol was. She has recently been mentioned in Friends and Family feedback for the help she gave a patient. It can be very challenging at our Nicholstown site with high numbers of patients presenting, often in an anxious and vulnerable state. Carol is kind and compassionate and puts patients at ease. Patients who have been removed from their Southampton GP surgery due to violence are seen at our Nicholstown site and I have witnessed how well Carol manages patients who come with unrealistic demands in a firm yet caring manner. Carol demonstrates the trust values, specifically everyone counts and being respectful on a daily basis.

Teresa Hall is hard working, caring and professional member of the team. She was recently overheard talking to patients in our clinic by someone from another service and reported their impression. 'I just wanted to let you know that I was in Adelaide most of this morning and overheard your nurse TERESA HALL speaking to a number of patients in a way that truly embodies the Solent HEART values. She was showed compassion and care, humour and a human connection with her patients. I just wanted to let you know. I was really touched by the way she was communicating. A complete asset to the organisation'. We are always striving to be a supportive and holistic service and it is clear that Teresa is doing just that.

Sam is an exceptional Occupational Therapist who works tirelessly for her patients and the team. She goes above and beyond to support patients, and empowers them to manage their illness so that they can do more of what is important to them. She shares her own experiences when appropriate and has amazing empathy and warmth that is recognised by both staff and patients alike.

Stuart is always very helpful particularly with setting up honorary contracts for people undertaking work placements or maintaining qualifications with our team. He is very supportive and takes ownership of processing applications efficiently enabling the work placements to go ahead as arranged without delay.


Outstanding work for the manual handling programme.

Proactive / Supportive /Approachable

Within her Management role Kerry's schedule and work load is huge and often complex however despite this, she continues to always be very approachable, kind and supportive and nothing has ever been too much trouble for her. Kerry has a kind nature, listening ear and her door is always open and this makes all the difference. As Manager, Kerry does have to enforce processes or make tough decisions regularly that not everybody possesses the ability or managerial strength to do, Kerry appears to have had no difficulty in explaining to others what is or has been necessary to change or adapt to meeting the changing needs of the service. I personally would like to thank Kerry for everything and say what an excellent Manager she is!

Mahdi is the embodiment of Solent values. He is respectful towards all staff and clients, and behaves with integrity and honesty. He inspires and motivates all team leads within our service. He supports and encourages team building, and dedicates time for highly beneficial whole team away days. Mahdi is particularly adept at managing a wide range of priorities and challenges, supporting staff whilst focussing on the medium and long term goals of the service thus ensuring we achieve our KPI's. He is an innovator who is keen to support new initiatives, and recognise effort and achievement. Mahdi is an exceptional person I've had the privilege of working with for 6 years. He is a great leader, and an inspiration!

Tre is an outstanding manager/matron. Always professional and passionate about her job, patient care and leadership. A shining example and role model to others. Tre deals with complex and sensitive issues with both patients and staff daily always staying calm and ensuring everyone feels well supported. She is a manager who you can trust and reply on and who is honest and fair. Despite her own heavy workload she will always make time to support her staff on a professional and personal note, always approachable, practical and she is firm but kind- a wonderful balance. Tre goes above and beyond often staying late to resolve issues and putting others first. Always ready with a smile and a calm demeanour to deal with whatever comes her way, she has gumption but is always respectful and articulate. Tre encourages and inspires all staff to learn new skills, progress and believe in themselves. I personally have developed as a manager so significantly under her guidance and support since starting with Solent 4 years ago and have never had a better manager.

Excellent training and always providing professional development to our team. Inspiring Team Leaders and clinical specialist and a great role model for our team.

*Prioritising people first.

*Adhering to Code of Conduct.

*Quick delivery.

*Easy online access.

*First port of call.

I would like to nominate our team, who I feel have pulled together for the last few months due to staff shortages, we have all mucked in and helped each other out, whilst being under extreme pressure. We have gone from a team off 7 down to 3 some days only 2. Nothing has fallen behind and we have kept on top of all work.

The WCIS Admin team have pulled together during a difficult time and continue to provide fantastic support for the wider Community Independence service in the West. They always willing to help staff and without them the service would grind to a halt. Nothing is too much trouble and they keep us all in line to ensure the service runs smoothly.

Nomination 2: Our Administration team have been absolutely brilliant! Especially when we are staff members down, they have really worked hard to keep our service running as smoothly as possible.

They have been an incredible team who have supported me and made me feel like a valued member of staff. They have not only supported me through my first year of my apprenticeship, but also as friends through other struggles. Honesty: They have trusted me to do my best at university. This is something that I feel very proud to have. They have given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, challenging and exciting. Everyone counts: In the way that they have supported me, I have been made to feel included and part of the team. They have given a shy person a voice in order to work hard and gain recognition, within my university course, for the efforts that I am putting in. Accountable: through this support and trust, they have empowered me to do well and achieve through my learning. This has, in tern, had a positive impact on my performance at work. Respectful: This person centred opportunity that they have presented to me has had an impact on my own communication and self awareness. I also feel that there is a different level of respect between us all in the department. Teamwork: although it has been tough for them due to shortness in staff, they have kept their team sprit, and been incredibly accommodating. They do not take their eyes off of the goals of the department and its clear to see that they all have a shared purpose. It feels great to be part of such an amazing team!

Fantastic response and management of sudden closure of stoneham centre. Staff went above and beyond to deal with rescheduling huge numbers of patient appointments and coping very professionally with sudden location changes.


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