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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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Megan has worked tirelessly for the Dental Team in the East over the last month, I have sent her so much training information. Megan has uploaded an enormous amount of training evidence and has enabled me to improve my teams stat and man training. Megan has supported staff with access problems on the system from very difficult areas that have next to no access. Megan has worked really well under a lot of pressure as we are all sending so much in at the moment. She has remained polite and cheerful in all her emails and has done a great job. 

Nomination 2: Megan always puts all employee's first and will help anyone with anything. We all appreciate everything she does to help out and her kind and calm manner during stressful situations and never failing to putting a smile on everyone's face! 

Nomination 3: Megan consistently provides support to her immediate team, wider HR colleagues and all services accessing the L&D team and wider. She responds to numerous system queries, gaining and building on her knowledge every day and applying to all situations. She trains her team well responding to all things L&D in a professional, calm manner, gaining respect and trust from her peers whilst owning her work and improving processes and communication where possible. Megan is a joy to work with and deserves all the recognition for her hard work.

Nomination 4: Megan has put in a lot of time and effort to help ensure that we have as many people as possible compliant with their statutory and mandatory training as possible - from taking calls, helping with logging in, to walking around the buildings and letting people know what is on and when she has gone over an above in carrying out her work.

Nomination 5: Megan has been absolutely snowed under with her workload even working when she has been poorly but always remains positive and upbeat.

Nomination 6: Megan always goes above and beyond her duties, and has done so especially over the past few weeks. She has worked long hours both in and out of the office to ensure that the Trust's compliance data was updated ready for the CQC inspection, whilst also delivering workshops in person at difference bases to ensure staff are up to date with their training. Megan takes numerous calls each day from members of staff who are struggling with their E-Learning. Despite a few difficult conversations and unhappy staff, Megan always delivers excellent customer service, showing a huge amount of patience, and ensures that any issues are resolved to the staff's satisfaction before letting them go. Megan has also been training 2 new members of staff within her team, and has shown a great deal of patience and understanding with them whilst teaching them the role. She is responsible for a huge amount of work on a daily basis but deals with it amazingly well and nothing is ever too much - she is always on hand to help with a smile on her face.

Nomination 7: Megan has had to learn a lot and very quickly having lost her mentor who moved on to another role within the Trust, her Title underlies the amount of diverse work she has taken on. She has a can do and will do attitude, she is calm under pressure and always strives to help staff who have problems navigating our learning systems.
She played a large part in solving access problems for staff working in the community. She has since taken the role of tutor to staff who have recently joined our administration staff and up until the additional staff joined Megan carried on alone to keep the ship afloat. Because of her everyone counts attitude she has contributed immensely to permanent and bank staff compliance.

Nomination 8: She has been very helpful with a massive work load within L&D. 



Victoria works with lots of patients with learning disabilities and I received excellent feedback from carers at an recent event, saying how kind and helpful she is to all her clients and carers. She is an excellent role model for our Special care Dental Service.

Leigh is always willing to support staff and will do everything she can. She thinks nothing of working beyond her role and supporting extended members of the team. She is a font of knowledge and one of the hardest working people I know. I recently suffered a bereavement and Leigh was the first person to reach out and check I was ok, not just ask if I was alright, really check in and let me know if I needed anything she was there. Her passion for work and compassion for others is outstanding. I am honoured to say I work with this amazing person.

Lisa is the embodiment of the HEART values as the most helpful, hard working and accommodating support staff member I have ever met. She is respectful and kind to all service users who enter C block when they are often looking for a different building entirely! Every time I come to the building to deliver training she becomes an invaluable member of my team for the day, identifying lots of additional tasks that she can do to support the set up and delivery which allows me to focus better. I know I can rely on her to do these tasks quickly and proficiently, and that all my attendees will be greeted with such kindness and welcome. She makes every trip to C block one of my better days at work!

Jamie has gone above and beyond for several patients, she has spent a lot of time liasoning with many others services and arranged joint visits and reviews to ensure these patients has the best care. She has really advocated for her patients and ensured they receive top quality end of life care.

Lucy is at the heart of the MSK team. With CQC on the horizon and ESR learning a challenge for most clinicians, Lucy has been a fantastic help in teaching and assisting the team to achieve their compliance aims. She is an absolute bank of knowledge and goes out of her way to assist clinicians, always with a smile on her face. She is forward thinking and a real asset to the team.

Maria has been mentoring me over the past few months so I can continue to help provide a home visit Dental Radiography service . She is a team leader in what she does & manages to achieve results . She is kind, considerate, easy going & extremely passionate about her role & the service we provide. This is my way of giving her my personal Thanks to help me achieve my own goals .

I would like to recognise how professional Sue was in helping me manage and care for a complex patient yesterday. Her efforts should be commended. An elderly patient with Parkinsons, a significant kyphoscoliosis and wheelchair bound was referred to the IMATS spinal clinic. At the end of the consultation she needed the toilet. Sue offered to help, but she required significantly more help with her personal-care than we expected. Sue was a star and stayed with the lady and managed her fantastically. I cannot thank her enough.

Nomination2: Sue always goes above and beyond in her day to day role. She is contentious, professional, always happy to help anyone and a long standing member of the team. In particular, Sue helped an elderly patient last week when she required the toilet after her clinic appointment. This involved more personal care than Sue expected but she did it, no questions asked, and was happy to help. Sue is a pleasure to work with and I believe she truly deserves to be recognised for this.

Over the past two years Steph has really come into her own in which her contribution to service and system has been significant and contributed to her own personal progression and successes. Steph was very proactive in seeking out a secondment opportunity within Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The secondment with the COPD Discharge Bundle Team not only helped enhance her knowledge and skill set to compliment her community Home Oxygen Service patients, under the care of Solent, but also helped provide a significant improvement in relationships with our partners. During this time Steph drove valuable changes in the oxygen provision processes undertaken by our secondary care partners, leading to; improved patient experience and expectations, significant risk mitigation and noticeable reduction in Solent reported incidents and a contributory factor in a £32 thousand cost saving in relation to equipment across all three local CCGs. Since finishing her secondment Steph has maintained these relationships and continues to support their development of their approach for the benefit of all these patients across the system. Consequently Steph has brought this skill set and approach into her current interim role as Team Lead for the Home Oxygen Service in which she supported an increase the skill set of the team in integration with our fellow Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service. Steph also provided valuable managerial leadership during a period of increased pressure upon both teams. Although Steph may have felt this to have been a challenge she has visibly risen to achieve great things. Steph is a credit to Adults Portsmouth and should be very proud. Well done Steph and thank you.

Laurelliemwas so so lovely, welcoming and calming - I felt so nervous and anxious coming to the clinic and wondered what it would be like, but my experience bypassed every single expectation and I wasn’t judged at all. Laurellie was so reassuring and helpful and made me feel so comfortable, she was lovely and kept me completely at ease the whole time - I would honestly recommend her to anyone as she is just incredible and made me so happy leaving my appointment. I cannot thank her enough!!!

Abby has been an amazing colleague who has supported her team during a very difficult time and she goes that extra mile to ensure that our project keeps on track and providing excellent advice and support to the families she works with.

Bernadette works tirelessly to ensure that all property rented by the trust is appropriately invoiced to the Trust. Saving the Trust hundreds of thousands of pounds of incorrect or unjustified charges. She is in constant liaison with all Trust services to ensure their accommodation is what they need to deliver their high quality care standards that have been recognised by CQC. Bernadette manages a small team of highly skilled professionals which at times has been very challenging in the past few years covering Maternity and sickness. Bernadette has always been supportive of both professional and personal development, making the team more resilient and adaptable to the constant changing pressures.

Chantal has worked tirelessly overseeing the CAMHS team to improve the service and quality for patients and for staff experience for the last two years. She has given time over and above her working hours and has kept patient care central whilst keeping the needs of colleagues and their wellbeing in mind and working to improve things. She has made excellent relationships with commissioners working in partnership with them and the team to improve the service and to secure appropriate funding for staffing with a clear transformation plan. Throughout this process she continues to be bold in having challenging and honest conversations when needed to move the service forward as well as thinking creatively about solutions to the challenges we face. She has truly made and continues to make a huge difference in leading the ongoing transformation journey of this service. She is kind and has integrity, it is a privilege to work with her.

Honesty: Lynn demonstrates implicit trust in her team and supports us to deliver the best service we can and encourages, supports and inspires innovation.
Everyone counts: Lynn is a tremendous champion and voice for our service and has worked tirelessly to secure links with PHT after their TUPE and to champion our innovative service initiatives within the wider Trust. She also presented our innovation at the RCSLT conference in 2019 and keeps links with RCSLT to continue to ensure excellence of clinical practice through evidence based practice.
Accountable: Lynn is highly professional, respectful and shows integrity in all her work.
Respectful: Lynn is patient, and always has time for her team whilst managing her own clinical practice and developing and running the service. She is an excellent and thoughtful communicator and makes each member of her team feel valued and listened to and always has time to support us through any challenging issues.
Teamwork: Lynn leads by example, every member of her team is and feels valued and she engenders a very strong team spirit. This supports the team through easy and challenging times.
Lynn is a manager staff want to work with, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have her at the helm.

Lin ensures everyone counts, by giving constant support and encouragement to all of Central team. Lin is always respectful of everyone's views and encourages them to make a stand. Lin always ensures we work productively and additionally has taken on the role of writing all the patients medical cards which enables us to give the correct medication on time. This has a huge effect on the work she carries out in her own role, but she still carries this work out.

She uses her work and passion to deliver improvements in safety and quality, she makes sure patients are treated with dignity, she leads the team and treats everyone with respect, always carries a smile. Everyone respects and see her as a model of care and support in our community.

the last 3 months our team has had to deal with some really upsetting and traumatic events. Karen has supported us all throughout this period and has held the team together. Karen is such a nice lady she's kind thoughtful and extremely supportive nothing is ever to much for her.

Caroline mentored me as a student nurse during my placement. She constantly supported me in the most holistic way imaginable. She tailored her mentoring to suit my needs. I will always use the skills she taught me in my career with students, colleagues and patients. Thank you, Caroline!

Julie is an outstanding manager who always has patients & staff at the forefront of everything she does. Julie is innovated and creative & staff feel valued and supported by her. The health and well-being of her team is of great importance to her and she demonstrates this constantly daily. As a Solent employee and also a Queens Nurse Julie is an exemplary role model & leader and is constantly working with her teams to develop the Portsmouth community nursing service ensuring high quality standards for patient care and safety are delivered.

I would like to nominate the WCH Catering Team as they have worked exceptionally hard over the last six months. Staff have been flexible to change their working patterns to accommodate shifts and work together to provide the last nine yards of the patient experience. It has been great to receive feedback from the Wards, Patient Forums and Restaurant users.

I would like to nominate the team for going ‘above and beyond’ with patient care. At our Adult Special Care General Anaesthetic List this week, Naomi Keirby and Julia Shill went the extra mile. Southampton General Hospital were going to cancel our GA list, but the team insisted that the patient was seen, as they were a difficult learning disability patient that required multi-disciplinary care whilst under sedation.. Naomi had been taking calls from the mother almost daily about the GA. They arranged for the patient to have a blood test for a clotting disorder, a smear test and then Julia and Naomi detangled and washed the patient’s hair whilst she was asleep in the anaesthetic room – hair was dried using the patient warmer! Real example of good practice and shows how caring they are. The team do treat this as the norm though and they would not think they were going above and beyond for patient care.

Janet Batten, Jo Saunders and Sharon Solomon go above and beyond to ensure they support their wards - from being the first friendly face most patients and visitors see when coming to our wards, ensuring the stock levels are always there, organising notes and answering telephones, their flexibility to change their hours to ensure maximum coverage is to be admired, I have personally witnessed them teaching colleagues of every level how to use system one, and they take every request with a smile and follow through to a satisfactory result. They truly embody HEART values in everything they do. Without these dynamic colleagues inpatients Portsmouth would not run as smoothly as they do.

Even during times of system pressure, the integrated team (PCC and Solent members of the IDS) constantly demonstrate and role model the values expected of both organisations to ensure the person remains at the heart of the discharge process. Through regular multi-disciplinary meetings to review MFFD, innovation is evident in the solutions considered in order to return the patient either home or to another safe setting outside the acute. This includes how resources are deployed and in negotiating within each others own organisations. I have observed first hand the each members use of their experience and understanding of patients needs and the available resources in order to inform their work. Collaboration amongst the partners to influence patient centred outcomes when leaving the acute setting is clearly visible even when there is conflicting views and continues to seek further ways to improve this for the patient. I believe the PCC and Solent integrated discharge team members deserve this award in recognition of the critical part they play each day for Portsmouth City Residents when they are / have been at their most vulnerable.


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