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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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To assist you in making a nomination please consider writing about the following points.

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  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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I am nominating Emma as she is always willing to go above and beyond to help if she can, Emma is always laughing and so cheerful and makes my day brighter when I get to work with her, she is an extremely hard worker (both inside and outside of work) and I feel she deserves to know how amazing she really is, working with Emma at Havant has really helped me expand on my knowledge and she is always happy to explain and show me things if I ask, she is a team player and really deserves to be recognised for all her work

Jey was the project manager for the mobilisation of the 0-19/ SAI (IOW) mobilisation. Jey successfully performed a complex mobilisation, during a national pandemic. The whole project team worked extremely hard to achieve all workstreams. During a recent lessons learned meeting Jey was consistently referenced as a large reason for the success of the project, by both service and corporate colleagues. Honesty- Jey ensured transparency throughout the project. She worked closely with partners (IOW Trust) and Commissioners (HCC). She influenced stakeholders to help shaped how we ran the project Everyone counts- Jey allowed everyone to voice their views throughout the project. She understood the value that each subject matter expert could bring. Accountability- Jey at all times owned the project. She always took responsibility for managing the project. She also realised the importance of others being accountable for their workstreams. Respectful- As with any project, there were pressure points and occasions that matters required escalation. At these times, Jey was professional and respectful. At no point undermining others. She recognised safeguarding concerns associated to data migration and worked internally and externally to mitigate risk. This was supported by both Safeguarding and Patient System teams. Teamwork- It was crucial that the project team worked together to achieve the objectives of the project. A team ethos operated throughout the duration of the project.

Recent times have been challenging for all of us in one way or another. Vida, however, has put aside her worries and concerns and strived to ensure the wellbeing of her team colleagues. During the pandemic she stepped forward and completed training to become a Mental Health First Aider and Team Health and is now our Wellbeing Champion Vida brings the Team together and strives to maintain morale whilst some of us a working remotely. She has set up regular "Microsoft Team" meet ups with quizzes, talks and all things fun. A real Team Player


Suresh is a huge asset to CIS Central He is one of the most supportive and knowledgeable professionals I have ever had the privilege to work with. He works so hard managing his own caseload, but is always there and never too busy to support all of us in the team. Suresh emanates calmness which is so needed in these challenging times.


Georgia always goes above and beyond in her role. She is hardworking and a fabulous team player. patient care is always at the heart of what she does and she makes a real difference to their care and quality of life. This was evidenced by recent glowing feedback from a patient which commended and thanked her for the difference she had made in their life to be independent and build their confidence.


Naomi is the person who quietly works to support our Team Manager and is the backbone of our Service. During this pandemic she has made herself available to provide me with support and guidance, with her "open door" policy. She provides a reassuring and grounding presence, making me feel safe to deliver the best service I can Naomi has not stopped working hard to ensure that our Service has continued to serve the citizens of Southampton


It can't be easy managing a Team with one foot in two organisations - Solent NHS Trust and Southampton City Council. But, that's exactly what Karen does ! During the Pandemic this has been even more challenging for her and her responsibilities have increased beyond anything we could have imagined. I know Karen has worried about us and taken on the responsibility for our safety where ever we were ( as some of us have been redeployed to other services in need) It is so reassuring that she is there for us all of the time and I mean all of the time. When she is at work and on her days off. We are a tight and strong integrated team and as an NHS Manager I know Karen will continue to support us Southampton City Council employed team members to continue to provide the best service we can and to stay safe.

Wendy's main base is located at Adelaide GP Surgery, during Covid 19 this building was used as a hot site for Covid Patients. As part of the receptionist role we need to send back any patients Lloyd George notes if they have move surgeries or sadly passed away. Due to the building being closed for several months this created a back log of 900 Lloyd George patients notes to pull out. This job should be distributed throughout our receptionist team but Wendy has taken ownership, pulling the notes, labelling, updating the system and then ensure they are ready for distribution. Wendy is working extremely hard to reduce the numbers - she is down to about 500,so i thought it would be nice for this to be recognised as we really do appreciate her.

Nomination 2: I would like to nominate Wendy for leadership in sending the notes back to the PCSE she has been working really hard the past few week. Baring in mind we haven't been able to do any for 6 months and she is clearing the back log.

Nomination 3: Wendy has shown initiative by sending notes back to PCSE for patients who have left. A huge task in itself but she has done this on top of her normal work.

Nomination 4: Due to COVID Solent GP Surgery has built up a huge backlog of patient notes to return to Primary Care Support England. Wendy has worked tirelessly finding and removing notes to send back. She has been very self motivated and taken real leadership on this area of work.

Tracy has managed and lead her team with great leadership, collaboration and a shared purpose. Throughout this ongoing pandemic she has always appeared to work with a smile on her face and ear to listen, never showing any frustration at the immensely challenge role that she has.



Although this has been a challenging year. Eastwood District Nursing Team have worked together to support each other. Enabling safe co-ordinated care to our patients. This is supported by the outstanding plaudits the team has received throughout the current pandemic. I am proud to be a part of this team and feel the whole team deserves to be recognised for their dedication to the patients and their families, the team, the trust and the wider NHS. Well done Eastwood, continue to smile.

As the Team Lead for the Neuro ESDs I am constantly humbled, proud and inspired by the efforts and achievements of the Team and the members of staff who work in it. The sense of community and support that exists within the Team means that whatever challenges we face (and, as with all of us, there have been a fair few of late!) everyone rallies together to make things work. The desire to provide the very best for every single patient who comes through our service is clear to see from everyone. Despite the ups and down of 'life with Covid', new staff joining us, valued staff leaving us, changes to the way we work... I believe the Team has got stronger, more adaptable, more resilient and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it. If I could nominate and award everyone in the Team I would- they all play their own very special roles within our Team to make it work and offer such specialist skill to provide our patients with therapy that is always appreciated and commended. I would love for them to receive this recognition for what they do.



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