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Tracy has worked for Talking Change for ten years now. She is one of our senior therapists and has modelled to so many of us how to approach clinical work with nothing but compassion. Tracy is a honest, kind and caring soul who not only makes a huge difference to our patients lives but makes our team feel like a family. Tracy is our trauma specialist and often sees extremely complex cases - she never EVER complains or allows the stressors to affect her and makes patients her number one priority at all times. She is what I aspire towards being in a therapist and I consider myself incredibly lucky to not only have her as my supervisor but to have had the opportunity to work with someone who reminds me why we do this profession in the first place. She is a fabulous role model and the core of our team and Solent is unbelievably lucky to have her.

Tom Richardson is a all-round Star
Honesty -Tom has had the courage to share his own health problems; he is open and has great integrity.
Everyone counts -Tom is a really supportive college he runs a mindfulness session for staff and wanders the building to tell us.
Accountable - Tom is working really hard to put Solent at the forefront of research in to mental health issues and the way debt affects our patients. He has papers published.
Respectful - Tom works with very hard with some really difficult patients he is person centred and shows a high level of self-awareness.
Teamwork - Tom is loved by the whole team he shows great team spirit and shared purpose. He will always help out and is great with data.

Excellent record keeping ensuring child is kept at the centre of care.

Nomination 1: Emma has been an inspirational member of the Maples team. She has brought a recovery focus to the activities on the ward and has demonstrate an enthusiasm that has never waivered. There have been challenges along the way, but these have never impacted upon her passion to improve the lives of these in our care. Emma is very approachable and is a great support to junior team members, of all disciplines. She is a true inspiration that deserves to have her passion and ongoing commitment to patients and colleagues recognised. Thank you Emma for all you do.

2: Emma is a highly motivated and inspiring individual. She has gone far and beyond to ensure everyone counts and being respectful by providing patients on the Psychiatric intensive Care unit (PICU) opportunity, meaning and purpose. PICU patients are a significantly challenging group to engage due to their extreme distressing and debilitating mental health symptoms. Emma’s work on PICU has involved using creative and innovative approaches such as ward parties, integrating the Model of Creative ability and sensory approaches to reduce the need of restraint. She has worked closely with the Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training service as part of a Quality Improvement project which aims to reduce restraint using sensory regulation approaches. Emma has demonstrated proactive and persistent team work by including other PICU staff in her approaches and developing their skills to meaningfully engage patients. She has also began developing the wider Solent Mental Health Occupational Therapy service by starting up specialist peer support groups which will enable Occupational Therapists to capitalise on their specialist training they have undertaken such as Sensory Integration. Due to Emma’s commitment and ambition she deserves to be the AHP of the year. 

3: Emma has worked non stop on supporting PICU patients who are extremely difficult to engage. She involved herself early on in a QI project designed to reduce violence and aggression on the PICU using her skills to engage folk in activities, she is currently trying to train staff in using activities outside of usual 9-5 mon -Friday hours and is willing to support them with this. She has successfully started using a new model to this service where all patients, regardless of ability or mental health at the time, are able to be seen and engage in therapy. It is the Model of Creative Ability. She is passionate and dedicated to its use and has shown many leadership qualities in sharing her passions with the rest of the MDT. She has had OT students who have consistently valued her role in their training the latest student was involved in a pilot project working with 3 people using the MOCA and gave a lovely presentation of its use., She has changed the way her team view and value their OT service in a short space of time. She has shown herself to be able and willing to support her colleagues regardless of profession. She is an ambassador for OT and is always willing to train/present/give time and go the extra mile. She has been involved in the recovery college presenting training to individuals in the community. Emma does not forget her fellow OT colleagues and has invited them to take part in peer discussions around MOCA and Sensory work which is another innovative skill to use on a PICU. 

4: Emma started work on Maples PICU and hit the ground running! She started in an environment that was unsure of and (wrongly) undervalued OT involvement. She has developed strong relationships with the nursing team; advocating for her professional role and supporting staff in their understanding of OT. She completes specialist assessments for our patients, and her input is invaluable PICUs can be challenging places for both patients and staff alike and Emma has been able to adapt and overcome these to be able to give our patients the interventions that were really missing. She is always bright and cheerful, upholds high standards of care and always advocates for her patients. She is passionate about the role of OT and its place in the patient experience, and she goes above and beyond for her patients. She is a really valued member of the team and is always on hand for all patients and staff for advice, support and most importantly a bit of humour! Emma is truly wonderful and she encompasses the HEART values completely. Well done Emma - thank you for everything you do, it does not go unnoticed. 

5: Emma is an outstanding OT , she throws herself into her work and is completely committed to doing the best she can for all the patients on Maple ward. Emma is a great supervisor, she’s very supportive and helps me whenever she can within my role. Emma works independently as the only OT based on a PICU which is a particularly challenging environment , despite this she has continually risen to the challenge and this is why I feel she deserves recognition, thanks for everything Emma.

Claire has been a dynamic and optimistic member of our team within a time of so much structural change. Alongside her caseload and other leadership roles with the team she has been the facilitator of the band 5 OT forum which gives guidance and support to the junior members of the team. Her openness and approachability even at times outside the forum has been invaluable to us she gives us space and time to express our views (on our own development what is going well and what to focus upon) which has encouraged our self-awareness of our own development. She demonstrates many leadership qualities within an inclusive approach which makes you feel inspired about your profession during a difficulty time within our team. Thanks Claire

Sam is an outstanding clinician and member of the Portsmouth Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service. She goes above and beyond in all aspects of her role. She has compassionately helped many patients with CFS/ME to understand and manage their condition, including negotiating with employers to provide support for patients to stay in work. In addition, she has initiated and organised a number of new ventures for the Service. For the past two years she has run an event for ME Awareness Week, whereby we have invited patients, families and local services to a drop-in session to learn more about CFS/ME and link up with each other as well as enjoy some tea and cake. Sam has sourced cakes and raffle prizes, and has put in hours of her own time at home to make labels, source tablecloths, plates, etc and generally ensure that everything is prepared. These have been really successful events, and even the mayor attended! Sam is also taking our Service into the 21st Century by launching our own Twitter account so that we can communicate more effectively with patients and the wider community. All of this is done on top of managing her own long term health condition, which takes a lot of strength and courage. She is honest and open about her condition and, when appropriate, has been able to use her own experience to communicate to patients that she understands some of what they experience. Sam definitely lives the Solent Values and makes a huge difference to the CFS team and the patients who come through our doors.

Sue leads her team by example. She always promotes values and works using them. Her door are always open and she never refused to help. As a new starter I've felt supported and inspired by high work ethic, her positive attitude. She is firm and fair.

Sonja has worked with Children's Therapy Service for a very long time - having TUPE from Basingstoke Hospital. She has gone through hard times in this process but has never ever skipped a beat.

She provides exceptional care for the young people/families on her caseload: she has one of the highest caseloads for someone who works part time but you wouldn't know it!

I have found her to be so supportive and non-judgemental - she works hard with her colleagues to develop their skills and knowledge with great care. She works way in excess of her hours which Solent has never considered as a great sacrifice of their workforce - she doesn't brag about it or want acknowledgement, she just places a lot of pride in providing a good service. At a recent Education tribunal - I was questioned and I found it really difficult, it made me very upset. It was Sonja I sought and she was there with a shoulder for me to cry on. She made it all feel better. She never gives up!

Lesley is an amazing Physiotherapist, over many years now she has consistently held the highest standards and provided the highest quality of care to our patients. She is approachable and willing to share her knowledge and skills to all colleagues. She is very person-centred and wants to ensure the best possible service is always provided. Through research and audit she strives to improve performance and then shares and communicates this, so there is learning together. She is a strong and supportive leader to the Physiotherapy staff and to the whole of PRRT. Lesley performs at a high level, as she manages to balance her management role with her clinical caseload and I feel this is a testament to her work rate. It is a pleasure to work with Lesley, as she is a shining example of an excellent Physiotherapist.

Nomination 2: Lesley is dedicated to Both pt and staff alike and values pt experiences and strives to improve community rehab services.

Nomination 3: Lesley is an excellent manager and always goes above and beyond her role.

Nomination 4: Lesley is a respected member of our team, who strives to provide the best outcome for each of her patients. A very approachable senior who is honest & is knowledgeable A very good team member who you can rely on & will give you her time and expertise. Unassuming and deserves recognition for all she does & has done.

The reason Olivia deserves recognition is that she has enthusiasm and commitment that has become integral to the driving force and inspiration of the Specialist Palliative Care team in Portsmouth. Her passion is now (whilst being a committed Team Leader), focusing strategically and nationally for the development and recognition of the role of Allied Health Professionals in Palliative Care.

The HEART values demonstrate -

Honesty – Olivia is repeatedly referred to as open, honest, and straightforward in her actions with fellow professionals and patients alike. When considering her response she has always thought about what and how she wants to convey her thoughts, to minimise misunderstandings and optimise honest dialogue. She has a strong sense of duty and loyalty to not only her team mates but to her patients and their families, resulting in excellent communication and care.

Everyone Counts – With her team colleagues she encourages them to share ideas ensuring their voices are heard and that the meetings are inclusive, acknowledging everyone skills and contribution to the team. She is always mindful of the well-being those around her, sensing the individuals personal needs, offering quiet consistent support. E.g. recently when leading on the implementation of the Integrated Palliative Outcome Scale (IPOS), she ensured that every team member understood why it was required, what we were hoping to achieve from this change in practice and how it was hoped to improve patient care for our client group.

Accountable – Although in specialist palliative care we pride ourselves on our multi-disciplinary approach, Olivia has built on this and demonstrated the hitherto unacknowledged value of AHP contributions to patient care. Her own high standards means she consistently seeks personal development to enhance her skills to improve patient care. This in turn also results in her colleagues wanting to emulate her practice, holding her up as a role model to aspire to. E.g. Over the last 3 years Olivia has sought significant changes in Specialist Physiotherapy practice within our field, in the treatment of breathlessness and the use of acupuncture for a variety of symptoms. This has required a number of barriers and boundaries’ within Solent NHS Trust to be broken down for the benefit of patient care. Additionally she has become one of the first AHP professionals nationally to fulfil the extended role of completing a Unified Do Not Resuscitate Order on behalf of appropriate patients.

Respectful – Olivia is patient, calm and respectful in her interactions with others, guided by strong principles that ensure she is consistent and dependable every day. Her naturally friendly and open approach is engaging and ensures that she is treated with as much respect as she automatically shows to others. She effectively managers several members of the team and treats them all with the same level of compassion and respect, without prejudice. The team has undergone a significant change of staffing and Olivia was instrumental in organising an invaluable Awayday with the Insights program to create understanding and appreciation of the various talents and personalities within the new team.

Teamwork – As we have demonstrated above, Olivia’s honest and respectful approach results in her natural Leadership skills that the team members respond to positively. She is dedicated to making sure that the team works to the best of its abilities whilst recognising the many different skillsets and abilities.

Rosie 's really makes a difference to her patient life's with her outstanding communication skills and cheery personality, she gets them going; patient often remark how much she has helped them.

Liz really embodies the heart values of Solent. She is a great role model for the team always helping others with her experience and expertise. She is a compassionate person who gives her all to provide person centred care to encourage the people she sees in the community to remain independent and enables them to understand how to help themselves. Liz is honest and responsible for her own actions and is a valued member of the multidisciplinary team.

Pam Bailey has been an inspiration to me with my recovery from my brain injury. She always welcomes you with a friendly smile and wave, she is also very encouraging in her work and funny, making every physio session a memorable and enjoyable experience. Thanks to Pam both my felling and mobility has improved massively on my stroke affected side, as well as me taking away some tips that have and still are useful for me living with my affected mobility from my stroke. Not only has Pam made my physio sessions a memorable and enjoyable experience, she has also set a brilliant example for the rest of the Neuro Physio Team at the Queen Alexandra Outpatient building. A lifetime of Gratitude to you Pamela! You're and will always be awesome 👉 Rex Daniel Browning.

John exemplifies the Solent values through his pioneering project looking towards implementing advanced practice within the community setting. He has worked extremely hard to gain learning through the Masters modules routes at the University, whilst carrying the Central Community Independence Service Physio caseload almost singlehandedly for 6-12months whilst we had role vacancies. Alongside this the development of a project which saves significant money for the NHS in reducing length of stay in hospitals, and is looking to establish advanced practice community roles which is a big development within the AHP community career pathway. John has been able to represent the Trust at the British Geriatric Society conference, the Solent Research Academy, and soon the Wessex conference and CSP conference. John has always put his head down and got on with the hard work. He has spent extra time on top of his contracted hours striving to get the best outcomes for his patients, the team, the Trust, and also for his own development. The team feel comfortable to approach John and he is always happy to help or make time for people. I think John has not had the recognition that he deserves for the effort and hard work that he has given to Solent.

Nomination 1: Theresa has embraced her role within MSK as Team Leader but implementing the Solent MSK Triage / FCP model. She has led the service and grown as an individual into an established leader who underestimates her abilities still. She has used her skills to conceptualize the model by engaging with all the stakeholders form, patients, colleagues and GP practices in the most enthusiastic and effective way. Her skill to manage her team of peers and command their respect is faultless not through taking control but engaging with them so they feel part of the team and have bought into the concept of new care delivery. She has ensured patient engagement has been paramount to developing the service and not forgotten. She has further been a great ambassador for Solent MSK Service by her respectfulness of those that have challenged the new way of working with GPs but due to her integrity, tenacity and honesty has been able to influence our stakeholders that the service that is being delivered is impactful, effective and what the patient wants. I cannot speak highly enough of Theresa skills and my gratitude of taking a concept to where it is now that really helps efficiency across the health sector, is right for patients and raises the profile of the awesome MSK Service Solent provides.

2: Theresa has been a driving force for MSK telephone triage in Portsmouth. The service is one of very few in the country to start working at the front line of healthcare in line with the First Contact Physiotherapy concept that is being accepted through the UK. Not only having her own clinical case loads, staff to manage she has trained up around 15 or more staff to provide first contact physiotherapy over the phone, she has developed a efficient computer system to make the role as affect as possible. She has helped sold the service to local GPs, CCGS and engaged them at every step to get on board. She has been to all GP practices to help administration staff understand the service and is always on hand. The service has been welcomed and proven successful reducing patient wait times, freeing up GP appointments and overall improving patients care and experience. She is an integral member of staff and is the driving force for the new concept of FCP, without her this would not be possible in Portsmouth and Solent NHS would not be at the forefront of MSK physiotherapy provision. From all the team at Solent Nhs MSK service thank you.

3: Excellent Team lead, heading the forefront of the GP Triage service which has evolved the MSK service we deliver.
Extremely hard work ethic and always staying late and going the extra mile for staff and patients
Theresa is committed to the teams CPD and always takes the time to teach members of staff.
Theresa genuinely strives to provide a better working environment for both staff and patients. As her colleague this is inspiring and motivating.

4: inspiring team leader
strong work ethics
developing the service with regards to GP triage
approachable and always willing to help

5: Theresa has worked tirelessly to promote and develop the GP telephone triage service. She is always so enthusiastic and approachable about the service and continues to promote excellence for Solent. We should be so proud of her and the team in being innovative within the NHS.

Ian is very supportive of his Team and has created a wonderfully, inclusive feel on that whole floor of the Turner Centre; so much so, that all who visit also feel included in the Team and welcomed. Ian is very aware of how personal issues can impact on people’s performance and is mindful of the need to to give people space and appropriate support to allow them to re-group, reassess and return to their old selves.

Ian is also extremely positive in supporting and developing his Team, giving them clear feedback for things done, along with supplying additional learning opportunities; allowing them to grow at a pace suited to their own needs. I have witnessed how the Team dynamic has changed and become a ‘joyful’ place to work and that the Team look forward to coming to work since he started to manage them (I always look forward to visiting).

Ian is also my 'go-to’ with any questions either clinically related or how electronic processes work for them, as he is always clear in his responses and also gives careful consideration to the wider picture – so I know he can be relied on to supply a response that is inclusive and workable for all teams and not just his. Managers on other projects also say how helpful and useful he is to ask as he responds within a sensible time frame and doesn’t need to be chased.

Other Teams I come into contact with all know (know of) Ian and all say how helpful he is both clinically, as well as more widely supportively with either personal or work issues and is . Clinical staff mention how, clinically, he ensures everyone involved works to obtain the best outcome for shared patient care.

I would like to nominate Ian for the new AHP Award as I believe he goes above and beyond both in his own clinical role as well as in a more wider role of making Solent a better place to work both through his work as Speak Up Guardian as well as CSP Union Rep as I believe he would be a good ambassador for the new award - as well as the award being very deserved.

Karen White is one of the best managers I have ever had. Karen dissolves boundaries of management hierarchy which fosters approachability, openness and team collaboration. Karen understands her team dynamics and how to manage team members in a respectful and fair manner. Karen isn't afraid to have difficult conversations - but does them in a way to nurture individuals in order to get the improvement that she needs. Karen is open and honest with the team and she in return gets the respect and performance that she would expect. When times have been difficult, Karen rolls up her sleeves and gets her tunic on to see people waiting for intervention. This is highly valued amongst the team members - "we are in this together" is the message that is given. Karen is able to use humour appropriately and she is very encouraging of others development. She is able to delegate, and also support skill development of others. Her leadership gets the team making good results, gets the team engaged and happy to come to work. I don't believe that Karen gets the recognition that she deserves within her role.

Carl lives the HEART values in both his clinical and QI lead role. Carl's respectful approach and willingness to work alongside teams and patients means that his time is highly priced. His passionate leadership of the 'patient voice' based on his own clinical experience and vast QI knowledge has helped shape individual clinical teams and the wider trusts approach through the side by side team. Carl has a valued and strong presence within the Trust and his enthusiasm and passion for improving care means his influence stretches far beyond what would be expected of most band 7 staff.

A long standing clinical manager and a supportive inclusive leader. Graham has such a passion for his work in Diabetes and Podiatric care , always striving to push and equip our Solent team of podiatrist and staff with the most up to date research to help our patients.
Everyone is treated as an equal by Graham and he is always extremely supportive in helping his staff to achieve there goals and for me personally he is the epitome of all the heart values and what a leader should be.
Outside of work he helps raise awareness of diabetes and the affects of the foot by taking part in an annual charity cycle ride around the UK, as well as participating in research studies.

Georgia is one of our junior members of staff who always goes above what is asked and expected of her. She will always strives to find the answer to any queries even when they are not podiatry related and wont hesitate in phoning various other departments or sending off a email to find the answer. She is extremely hard working and you never hear her moan about the increasing workload. Georgia always has a smile on her face which I feel lifts whoever she is working with. Georgia not only goes above what is expected in relation to treating her patients but helps with service improvements. Georgia is regularly working towards various audits the most recent being 'Appropriate referrals on', so patients get the correct and speedy care needed. She will then feed her findings back to the whole team at staff meetings. I'm sure Georgia will go far within podiatry and I would hope that even a nomination would show how much she is appreciated and truly valued member of our team. Georgia has also now become active in her involved with the Podiatry students. Her knowledge and excellent clinical skills are now helping Southampton University students grow with their practical skills

Nomination 1: Leo is a highly valued member of the team, constantly bringing humour to the working day, whilst working jointly with his team members and the wider team. He jointly leads the safeguarding champions and is always looking at new ways to promote and celebrate the important role that they bring to Solent NHS Trust, so that their voice is heard throughout the organisation.
In his role as an adult safeguarding practitioner he embodies the trust values. He always provides honest and evidence based, advice and support to colleagues of all grades throughout the Trust, with understanding. He uses his knowledge an skills to empower staff to take appropriate action to safeguard adults at risk.His communication style conveys respect and empathy, meaning that he overcomes barriers and resistance when he is discussing difficult and challenging information. His presentation style for training has frequently been recognised by participants and promotes the transfer of learning.
Leo works as an accountable and autonomous practitioner, ensuring that safeguarding principles such as making safeguarding personal, is central to everything that he does.

2: Leo is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced practitioner; he is also non-judgmental and very people-focused. He is supportive of his team members and is always approachable and helpful. Leo is keen to add to his existing knowledge and takes every opportunity to learn. 

3: Leo is such an excellent facilitator and is clearly passionate about his work within the safeguarding adults team. Leo is always very supportive and encourages me to push myself to be the best that I can be and he frequently praises me and tells me how valued I am as part of the safeguarding admin team. I think that Leo deserves to be nominated and hopefully win an award in recognition of his hard work and dedication to safeguarding adults and our team. 

Outstanding care and compassion whilst dealing with service users.

I would like to nominate Clare Mander as she has been an outstanding leader in the AHP field and raised the profile of AHPs in Solent NHS trust. She has worked really hard for many years to increase the input of AHPs into the organisation and has led many initiatives and supported innovation and change. She also advocates and represents AHPs nationally. As well as her AHP leadership she has led the development of Accessible information across the organisation and nationally. She has been a pioneer in this area. She always puts the patients needs first and advocates for them whenever she can. She is a well respected Speech therapist and AHP lead and has really raised the profile and reputation of Solent NHS AHPS in the national arena.

Emma has worked at Solent for over 25 years. She supports children with special educational needs, autism and disabilities. She is also a Clinical team Coordinator. Emma is extremely knowledgeable but is also compassionate and honest and is very skilled at having difficult conversations with families, who may be finding it hard to accept that their child has significant difficulties. The wider team look to Emma for support when things haven't gone well for a family and she is able to gently help them to reflect on how they could've done things differently. She respects that as a team we all have different things to offer and is non-judgemental in the support that she gives - truly embracing the concept that 'Everyone Counts' . We are extremely proud of our team , the low turnover and sickness and the fact that even people who have left to move away affectionately sign themselves off on their social media posts as #bestteamever! This is due in a massive part to Emma and the part she plays in nurturing and supporting clinicians to deal with increasing workloads and pressures, but still love what they do. Emma will often say 'I love my job!' and junior colleagues hearing her say that after working for such a long time, is an inspiration!

Chris is fantastic at his job but sadly has decided to retire at the end of September. He will be greatly missed as he has been the front face of Petersfield Special care dental service for many years. The patients love him and he always has time to make sure that the patients feel happy and reassured before their appointments. He is always there when needed and never has to be asked to stay on when clinics are running late you know he will be there until you have finished making sure that the patient is ready to leave and transport have been contacted to pick the patient up. Many a times Chris has stayed behind after work waiting with the patient that is waiting for transport to collect them. He is a great assist to the clinicians as we all know we can ask Chris to do a job for us and it gets done with out question. He will be really missed at Petersfield as he has been a fantastic receptionist as well as a friend.

Katya has been amazing at supporting her clinical team at a time of unprecedented change. She has identified risks to service and provided mitigation and options in innovative ways, beyond that would usually be expected of her role. She has continued to support the wellbeing of her team throughout, recognising the importance to ensure this when staff are stretched.. She has demonstrated excellent compassion and leadership.

Karen has been in the team just under a year and there has been a lot of change, on days there has been no team she has held the Fort down. She is a positive and enthusiastic role model and takes everything in her stride. She is very professional with patient and thorough in her assessments she has recently received numerous plaudits from staff, patients and relatives and I think we should recognise her hard work and commitment within case management. Well done Karen your amazing!

Linda has shown real commitment to the Community nursing Team in Portsmouth. Linda is hardworking and reliable and is a vital member of the Community nursing team. Linda knows her Job very well and is determined to help others and ensure that patients are at the forefront of all she does. Her commitment to the service is recognised and valued and should be recognised by this nomination.

Erin has taken on the project in shaping and delivering the Trusts manual handling training provision, in addition to her main role as a Educator in Practice. As a physiotherapist, Erin has used her expert skills to create a high quality training experience for staff that has been developed with the needs of services in mind and is a interactive, expert led learning experience. Her commitment and enthusiasm for this project has been inspiring and this is reflected in the teaching that she provides.

Kim has worked as a HCSW for the Portsmouth community Nursing service for many years. Kim has demonstrated commitment and hard work and is a vital member of the Community team. Kim is flexible and reliable. Her commitment to our service should be recognised as she has played a pivotal part in delivering great care and compassion to the patients coming into contact with the service. Kim is a great staff member and we are lucky to have her.

Jaqui is a font of knowledge. She is always there to support, advise or lend a hand, often going above what would be expected of someone in her position.

Roy has been incredibly supportive and offered clear leadership when dealing with significant safeguarding and quality concerns with a commissioned provider. He has done "above and beyond" in his support around resolution options and contract management. He has shown significant regard for our users and their rights.

Tracey is an excellent colleague and educational supervisor. She always supports the team closely whilst still enabling them to work independently. Tracey will always make time for her staff and patients, her knowledge is second to none but she will always listen attentively. Tracey sets high standards for the team in order for patients to have the best outcome, but supports them fully in doing this. She brings true professional attributes to the team and genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. She also always goes above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing excellence. For example, she is continually available for her trainees and her patients and on many occasions will go over and above to deliver an excellent service. This is reflected in her level of follow up, correspondence, courtesy to patients and attitude. She is focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage patients appropriately. Tracey is always honest and compassionate throughout everything she does within dentistry. She understands that dental problems can affect many aspects of a patient’s life and is always extremely sensitive to patients and their families. This is reflected by her patients attitudes as they all feel at ease with her treatment and trust her implicitly. Tracey is passionate about focusing on the service design and ensuring that patients are empowered in their own care. She thrives to deliver a model of integrated care where access is improved and patients are at the centre of all decisions. I have never worked with a clinician that is more accountable for her actions. The patient is always at the centre of everything that she does. She is trustworthy and takes ownership in her decisions. She actively participates in meetings and events; her participation enables her to understand the departments’ implicit needs and initiate ideas to support my efforts (and the team). She is outstanding in welcoming new trainees, helping them adjust to the service and the field of Special Care Dentistry. I highly recommend my nominee for a Staff Recognition Award. She is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true inspiration.

This colleague witnessed an elderly gentleman fall trying to catch a bus. She quickly stopped and went to his aid. She tried to help him with his injuries, called for an ambulance and helped reassure him while they waited. She ensured he was safe with the paramedics before continuing with her days work. This links to everyone counts as she ensured he was cared for despite being between visits, she was respectful and honest to him and explained everything to him while reassuring him. She was accountable as she ensured his care was handed over appropriately to the paramedics.

Jon has shown real commitment to his new role as Community sister. This has been a promotion for Jon from a Band 5 role. Role has worked very hard over the past few months and has demonstrated key senior nurse qualities including leadership , professionalism and commitment to his patients. Jon is open to change , flexible and reliable. He has been an asset to south locality and to the wider team. I am proud to have Jon work with us in Portsmouth.

Mary is always supportive to her Work team, Very professional, Honest, Compassionate. Always puts patients Needs First and will always advocate for them treating everyone with dignify and respect.

Nomination 2 : A caring and consistent nurse who puts the patient's needs first and her team next.

Deepa is very hard working and manages to combine both her roles as manager and physio exceptionally. She has full understanding of the service she runs and assists staff within the team to reach their potential and further themselves within their career, whilst also providing physiotherapy daily to our patients. Deepa is understanding, knowledgeable and fun to work with.

Nomination 1: Helen goes above and beyond in her job role. For her patients and staff she manages.

2: Helen is a very bright and bubbly person who supports us as team members and also patients and their families. Nothing is too much trouble for her and if we are in need of advice Helen is always willing to talk to us either in the office or at the end of the phone. She is 100% dedicated to her team and our patients/families and will always go the `extra mile` to ensure we are all well looked after and supported to the full. She is an amazing lady who has dedicated her life to the care of others and I feel she should get the recognition she deserves!


Everyone counts, team work, respectful. In his Designated Clinical Officer role and Therapies Manager role Neil has been able to drive forwards our Solent Therapies model of working and transformation plans. This has been through supporting colleagues within therapies, health , education, social care and parents / families and volunteers to understand and empower those involved with the children we support to adopt new ways of working, improve understanding of our Universal / Targeted / Specialist service, produce high quality EHCPs. The recent SEND inspection was a great opportunity for our service to show case many of the initiatives which are in place and demonstrating how we all make a difference to the outcomes for children with SEND within Portsmouth City. Neil's work over many years working with all our therapy team and our stakeholders has been instrumental in enabling this to happen and lead our Solent therapies response to the recent inspection. Well done and thank you

I want to nominate Catherine for so many reasons. Catherine manages a team in Central Southampton with enthusiasm and openness. Catherine is always adaptable to change but understanding of how this affects her staff and colleagues. As a Business Support Manager, I feel completed supported by Catherine, I am treated as part of this team and my opinions matter. Catherine always goes above and beyond. In the most difficult of times, she is thorough but understanding and always thinking of others. Catherine is the first to put her hands up and take ownership when things go wrong and in so doing leads by example.

Mahdi has an appetite for innovation. He has taken IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) from a small service to a high performing well regarded offer. He has stepped out 2 days per week to be the clinical lead for the Military Mental Health Alliance as is a well respected and leading figure for trauma informed services. He always operates with humility and passion- a great combination- and demonstrates Solent values at all times.

I wanted to express how supportive Jo Pinhorne has been through the challenging changes we have undergone in the last 1 year. I was able to turn to Jo at a time I needed advise and support with a work situation. I found Jo to be approachable and non judgemental which is exactly how it should be. Initially I was hesitant about seeking the support from higher management however this was unfounded. I felt that Jo listened and acted on my concerns. The situation was handled proactively and discretely. I just want to let her know how much I appreciate the support, Thank you Jo.

Vicky is a fantastic manager, always going above and beyond to make sure her staff are happy. Vicky always has a smile on her face and is always approachable even when she is busy and has stuff to do - she will always make time for her staff. She is simply THE BEST! Thank you for everything you do Vicky.

Fantastic manager

Sank is a great support to the inpatient wards at the RSH. He is always professional in his approach , caring with both patients and staff . He has a calming manner when dealing with issues giving staff confidence and reassurance. He always listens to individuals opinions and manages staff with sensitivity and compassion.

Susan is an amazing colleague, she is always there to help everyone else. She has taken on the Governance Lead role with passion and is determined to succeed at it like she does with everything else. I think she will make a great Lead and deserves to be recognised for taking on this new challenge and being so brilliant at it already!

The pharmacy team have been working in temporary premises for a few years now and have now moved into new premises not yet complete. The team have continued to ensure outpatients, inpatients, clinics etc have received their medication while working in a temporary environment, with limited facilities ,and being disrupted. They have worked hard in difficult circumstances.

I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with this team for many years and feel they are worthy of this award. The team is comprised of several highly skilled physiotherapists, all with extensive knowledge in the use of water as a rehabilitation modality. They treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal (MSK) and neurological conditions in the pool, supporting a large MSK/Orthopaedic and Neuro "land" team. Hydrotherapy is used for many types of patients, some are starting their rehab process, some have multi-joint conditions and some find land therapy too challenging; so water based treatment is the best option. The team treat each patient as an individual, respecting their dignity at all times, forming treatment plans and goals to aid recovery. They always take into account each patient's expectations and rehab potential. They use evidence based practice and as a team are at the forefront of research and development for Solent in the field of Hydrotherapy and Rheumatology. Many patients have benefitted from hydrotherapy as part of their treatment programme and without access to the pool many would not make the excellent progress or reach their full rehab potential. All members of the team take their role very seriously and commit to being professional, respectful and caring to each individual. It can be a hazardous environment and their attention to heath and safety is second to none. Patient feedback is always positive and grateful for such a fabulous experience - despite pain and functional compromise. My patients make excellent progress and are often disappointed to return to land!! I am always grateful for having such an amazing team supporting me and I would like them to receive this award for their outstanding contribution to the rehabilitation process, their amazing contribution to research in Hydro/Rheumatology and their specialised knowledge - as a colleague I am both proud and grateful for their hard work. THANK YOU x

The community Neurology Service are a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, nurses and admin. Without question they live the Heart values with patients at the very heart of all that they undertake. The comments received from patients and their families on the friends and families survey are very humbling and a credit to the teams hard work and dedication. They consistently rise to the challenges of short staffing and ever increasing demands , whilst carrying complex case loads. They are innovative by continually striving to improving services and utilising evidence based practice. Thank you team.

These staff provide excellent care for patients, family and friends. They provide practical care as well as emotional and psychological care with dignity, respect and compassion. They support community nursing service and ensure that concerns are communicated in a timely manner to appropriate.

Jeehan Lynch and Mike Gillingham delivered an amazing presentation to the administrative staff within the MPP service. As desk based administrators the staff within the service line suffer from MSK related problems. Jeehan and Mike took it upon themselves to deliver a fantastic presentation which covered how to manage upper limb, lower limb and back symptoms whilst at work. They educated the staff by telling them what contributory factors are most common in developing MSK problems and how to avoid these. The session ended with desk based exercises the staff can complete at work to keep healthy. The presentation received very high praise from the administrative staff and it was so beneficial to them. Jeehan and Mike deserve recognition for this as they have gone above and beyond to make sure the administrative staff keep well at work. The use of the HEART values is clear here and has a specific reference to teamwork and everyone counts. Thank you Mike and Jeehan.


heart values