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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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Lavinia is the most friendly person I have meet, she is keen to help and always finds the solutions. She support most of Dental nurses in our service and never complains.


Nomination 2: I have known Lavinia and worked closely with her for many years. She is totally honest and trustworthy. She always has patients at the heart of her care. She has grown over the years into a well respected member of the team. She is the epitome of a team player. She natures newer staff members with enthusiasm and genuine support & care. She is not afraid to speak up if there is an need. It is a privilege to work alongside her.

Very efficient & helpful

Nicky is very supportive team member who is always able to offer support and advice. Nicky is our sleep advisor for which the whole team relies upon. She always brightens the office with her personality and makes everyone feel welcome.

Lyn, is always so happy and smiley, she is so helpful and always goes above and beyond for everyone. I often see her happily sat chatting with the patients putting them at ease before their allotted appointments. She is such a lovely welcoming face for everyone. Well done Lyn you are such an asset to Solent.

Matt has been incredibly clever and creative in turning a boring table of words into a striking and effective visual of the services that we deliver across the service line. I had been struggling with how to move this forward but Matt came up with a great set of graphics which effectively showcase the range of services we provide and not only met my expectations but by far exceeded them. I realise that this is not part of Matt's day job and appreciate the effort that he went to in order to come up with a solution to a tricky problem. we have 40+ teams in the service line and so this was far from a simple piece of work and his efforts over and above deserve to be recognised.

Nomination 2: Matt produced an outstanding piece of work that helped visualise the different levels of care and management within the Service Line so that it is clear for staff and service users alike. His hard work on this piece, is a reflection of the dedication, innovation and professionalism regularly displayed by the CPMO team and this nomination is testament to their daily efforts.

Jo made me very welcome when starting my new role. Incredibly kind and hilarious. Has a natural talent at making the children feel welcome and at ease. Makes me really look forward to coming into work.

Nomination 2: Jo is an extremely warm and friendly member of staff. She provides a really friendly welcome to our families on arriving at the service. She is incredibly helpful and supportive as a colleague.

Nomination 3: Jo is always friendly and very helpful. She always go out of her way to help and never complains.

Nomination 4: Jo is a true inspiration to all those she meets. She provides excellent customer service to all of the service users showing particular compassion and empathy to the sensitive issues and needs of our clients. She has a knack for putting people at ease and makes their whole visit a good, positive experience. Jo is an advocate for demonstrating Heart values and culture. Jo is proactive and provides an efficient administrative service for CAMHS in reception and as part of the business support team. Jo has received lots of positive feedback from service users and her colleagues and is a real asset to our team.

Nomination 5: Always goes above and beyond her role. Professional, cheerful and a great 'first person' to see when visiting Falcon House CAMHS.

Nomination 6: Jo has joined our service not long ago but feels like she has been here for ever. This is because she has embedded herself so well into the various teams, flexible in her approach, learns quickly, has good communication skills pleasant, respects others and values others opinions, cheerful and a lovely person to be greeted by as you walk through the doors. She is responsible staff member and strives hard to continue working with the Solent values as highlighted above.

Cathy always has a welcome smile when I come into work yet has so many different tasks she has to remain on top of I genuinely don't know how she does it. Yet she always finds time to support colleagues whether its urgent letters that need to be sent, IT systems that need help or even ripped clothing before you have to go to a meeting (yes a needle and thread was magically produced!) She is a provider of cards for her colleagues to remember any special events. She is a real team player, a problem solver, honest and hard working, quick to think of ways of making processes more efficient and I really believe she deserves this award.

Elaine is always supportive to her piers and families she works with. Always showing a supportive kind nature to all. Managing a high demanding workload Elaine helps families achieve positive outcomes. Elaine takes ownership of her responsibilities plus encourages others to recognise the role is sometimes overwhelming but to focus of what achievements and help they give clients on a daily bases.


Samantha is a valued member of the podiatry admin team. She kind, polite, considerate and professional in the way she deals with patients and staff at all times. Her actions in work project her supportive and inclusive nature showing the 'everybody counts' value and being very 'respectful' in those with different needs. An example of this was for a patient who struggled talking on the phone since having a stroke and particularly becoming anxious meeting new people and speaking on the phone. Samantha was patient, made them feel at ease and went over an above to ensure they could get an appointment for podiatry when they were having problems with there feet. Thank you for your on going support in the service.

Cat has made a difference to Community Mental Health Admin Team. Since starting work here last December (2018) things have definitely improved in our department. We are more adequately staffed, particularly in Reception where it can be hard to cover as there were unfilled vacancies when she arrived. She will even sit in reception herself if we are really short staffed due to holiday and/or sickness. She makes sure everyone is supported in all our jobs and we can go to her if we need any help with anything. She makes sure we have chance to take the time to do our online ESR training. Our team are now one of the best for compliance on our mandatory training. She ensures we have regular Admin meetings which previously we didn't so we feel more communicated with. Currently there are service changes and I personally find it more reassuring to know what is happening around me. Nothing is too much trouble for Cat and I think she deserves the award.



Lynsey is the glue that keeps this team together and running smoothly. She quietly and efficiently organises any changes that need to be made or implemented. She is always happy to support others, she is very knowledgeable and able to answer questions. Lynsey works hard, without complaint, well beyond what is expected of her job role. In the current absence of our clinical lead, Lynsey has been able to organise meetings and tasks that may well have been neglected without her careful attention and consideration. Lynsey is a pleasure to work with, and I feel she should be recognised for her hard work and dedication.

The team has been going through a tough 4 months due to lots of long term sickness. Sheri has been the only member of staff to not have any annual leave or days off during this time. She has remained positive, helpful and has gone above and beyond for colleagues and patients. She is always the first person to offer help to others. She has remained happy and cheerful and has been a real support to her team and friends. She has often found herself the only trained member of staff in the afternoon and has dealt with this in a professional manner and has still remained supportive towards others. If when I qualify I am half the nurse Sheri is I will be very proud and she deserves some recognition for this.

Sophie has been very proactive in asking if I need tasks undertaken. One example: while I was adding a new team member to meeting invites, the meeting notification was forwarded to Sophie. She quickly skyped me to ask if there were more meetings for this person to be added to, and she would be happy to complete the rest. This was very much appreciated.

Excellent attention to detail. Above and beyond for patients. Inspiring personality.

Danielle has worked tirelessly to ensure patient safety and service delivery when we have been very short staffed. She has acted professionally at all times and goes above and beyond her role to make sure that the requirements of the service and KPI's are met as often as possible. She has only recently become a band 6 and this was entirely deserved.

I've had regular interactions with Georgia around recruiting staff and she is always highly responsive, knowledge, calm and helpful. She comes up with smart ideas and proactive solutions. She's also great a pointing you in the right direction to empower you for the future, instead of just doing things for you. She knows the recruitment systems and what's available on SolNet really well. It's a pleasure working with her.

Teresa works hard to ensure we approach incident reporting and managing in a open, honest and transparent way and is passionate about helping support staff to do the right thing and keep the patient central to our Trust approach. She leads on delivering the systems and processes regarding good quality governance and manages the Quality and Safety team (which includes the PALS and Complaints team). Teresa embraces change and works to support team members through this.

I am nominating Rav Tailor for his support in creating Excel graphs and charts of data for an evaluation report that I was requested to work on recently by the Head of Safeguarding for Solent NHS Trust. Rav supported me in supplying this information and did a splendid job of creating charts that were easy to understand. I couldn't have completed this task without Rav's help and he was so approachable and understood exactly what I was asking for.

Julie Crawford, safeguarding team administrator.

We are a small team, and when a member of staff if off for one reason or another she is always on hand to help out. No matter how big or small the job it. Cat shows us that no matter what your position is within the organisation everyone is equal.

Nomination 2: Cat joined us in December 2018 and she was like a breath of fresh air. As well as her supervisory skills, she was keen to learn what we all did and how to do it so she could help out at any time and also make any changes she thought were beneficial to us and the patients. The team has been running so smoothly since she took over and moral is high. I would thoroughly recommend her for an award.

Nikki is a hard working approachable manager she always makes time to listen to her staff and you feel that your opinions are valued. Patient care and satisfaction is high on her list of priorities and she makes herself available to answer any questions that the patients may have.

Tracy is well liked and respected as a manager for the East Locality Special Care Dental service. Recently she has been pivotal in managing the team and locality whilst juggling lots of issues such as staffing, recruitment of 9 new members of staff, two of these being trainee dentists which involves a lot of planning and managing. She has also been working on a relocation and refurbishment of clinics whilst planning for a forthcoming CQC visit. Alongside this supporting a new Clinical Lead in her area. She is always professional, supportive, caring and has the patients and staff well being always in the forefront of her mind and actions. She is valued member of the team and can be relied on.

Mark is a fountain of knowledge and intrinsic to the trusts technical structure. He's forward thinking, listens to staff and challenges when necessary to bring out the best in people. He's supportive of staff needs, training and prepares the trust for change. Mark is a massive unsung 'team player' that I think deserves recognition for a role that is involved with every I.T. aspect of this trust but he still make himself available for those who ask for his time.

Kirstie has recently become the manager of Eastwood Community Nursing Team. In this short time she has been supportive, understanding, approachable and compassionate. Kirstie supports the team to build confidence, personal development and competencies encouraging personal and professional growth. On an individual level Kirstie has gone above and beyond to provide support to myself during a very difficult time, her compassion, respect and advice was invaluable and has helped me to work through this period of affliction with space and dignity. Thank you for being an excellent manger, I’m looking forward to the future as a team member within the evolving Eastwood Community Nursing Team.

CAMHS West team has faced many struggles over the years, from cut backs to not having a manager for extended periods of time. The team have shown resilience in pulling together to help the most vulnerable children in the city, they have shown strength as a team and do wonderful work helping others. I have seen first hand how lives have been changed, for the better, by the work done.

Following months of staff shortages and recruiting our Admin Team is almost back to its full capacity. Our team is fully supportive of all other staff members and the willingness shown by our colleagues to support where they can is overwhelming. Our reception team have a very difficult job, but their determination to help our clients is fantastic and well worth a shout out. Everyone is included and everyone's opinions/thoughts are considered always, we all communicate in a way that it is respectful and considerate to our colleagues. If someone is struggling with work load our colleagues jump in and help. AMH can be a very stressful and at times distressing place but we all pull together and make the experience a shared and supported one. And at the end of the day we all laugh - regularly.

On the 29/07. There was a difficult situation on spinnaker ward and the ward became short of trained staff at short notice. Mughundhan the on call manager and Pippa the day manager both came back into work during the night and worked to ensure that patients continued to receive care. both had been on duty during the day and both assisted the difficult situation in a positive way. The out of hours team assisted until the Mughundhan and Pippa arrived where they cared for patients and completed all the required tasks. The team and two individuals lived their HEART values that evening and I am so grateful.



The admin team show great teamwork and coming together in the time of need, ensuring a patient centred approach in all that they do. The admin team show accountability with their role performing tasks to a high standard. An example of this was following a plaudit from a patient for there role in informing and communicating with patients about a change to a clinic access with no lift access. They were polite, professional and efficient in the contacts with patients over the phone, which made a real impact on the ease and safety of patients getting to clinic with mobility issues. This is a task which can take a lot of time to complete and will often be requested last minute. So thank you team for the hard work and the support you provide the clinicians with. Without you the service would not run smoothly and safely for our patients.

They have been an incredible team who have supported the service in providing great care for our patients. The team work with challenging patients every day and the team of dentists, therapists, nurses, receptionists, admin team go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure the best possible care and outcomes are in the patients best interests. The staff constantly work over to ensure that the best possible care is provided for patients, for example arranging a general anaesthetic appointment for a patient, whilst we provide the dental care, we involve other agencies to provide at the same time, blood tests, hair cutting, nail clipping, cervical smear etc, this reduces the need for multiple GAs and is the best care for difficult to treat patients. We have an activity contract so we are constantly chasing units of dental activity but the quality of care given to our patients is second to none and this is seen in patient feedback. The Special Care Dental Service can and is a stressful service to work in due to the types of patients that are treated but also a rewarding one, all the staff work as a team and are supportive and caring.

The Access to Communications team provide interpretation and translation services across Southampton (and some Hampshire) services. This service endeavours to make health services accessible to those who do not speak English as a first language. The A2C team is a very small team office team with a bank of around 50 interpreters who speak a range of languages. The team also support telephone interpretation across services. This team deserve the recognition of the team award for there years of dedication to making sure that health services are accessible and that language is not a barrier to getting the right care.


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